Presentation on Conductive Education published in German last month

Last week I discovered via a Facebook posting

that a CE presentation made at the World Congress in Munich, 2013 by Beate Höß-Zenker und Mariann Stelczerne-Oberszt  has been published in German as part of a  book on  children with complex disabilities,

Leben pur – Aktivität und Kreativität bei Menschen mit komplexer Behinderung: verlag selbstbestimmtes leben. [Life Pure – activity and creativity in people with complex disabilities:  Self-determined life], published by Bundesverband f. körper- u. mehrfachbehinderte Menschen.

This book is available priced 17.40 euros  via Amazon  at

I do not know the title of the presentation or anything about its contents, but am hoping to see a copy of the book or presentation soon.

Another new book on Conductive Education

Another book (details below), written in German has just been published and is available from Amazon at

It is expensive – priced at $87.00 – and has 144 pages. More than that I cannot say as I have not seen it, but I will be very interested to receive any comments or information about this book which I can pass on.

Schwarzenbacher, S. (2009) Konduktiv mehrfach- therapeutische Förderung nach Petö und Keil: Theorie – Praxis – Effektivität. VDM-Verlag. ISBN-10: 3639206614 ISBN-13: 978-3639206616

New book about Conductive Education

Books on Conductive Education are not large in number so it is always of great interest when a new title comes out. This week I heard that a new book has been published in Germany this September on Conductive Education, written by a therapist.
Baumann, Angelika (2009) Die Beziehung zwischen Körperbehindertenpädagogik und Konduktiver Förderung in Bildung und Erziehung.

Oberhausen: ATHENA – Verlag. 592pp. ISBN 3898963659 Price 34.50 euros.

This has been written in German and the title translated into English is –

The relationship between physical disability, pedagogy and Conductive Education in education and upbringing.Details can be found at

And a brief abstract (in German) is available on Amazon at

Unfortunately my knowledge of German is a little weak to say the least, and so I cannot say anymore. However, I will look forward to receiving your comments and reviews which I will post on this blog