Future Footprints

Nice news story from Australia today

Conductive Education and Future Footprints, a centre in Australia established by Eszter Agocs in 2009, is the subject of a long article by ABC News Online today.


It concentrates on the ‘fringe element’ of Conductive Education and reports the story of a child, Chloe, with cerebral palsy attending Future Footprints. Chloe began attending at the age of two and has now started school with her twin sister who does not have cerebral palsy. Her mother, a physiotherapist, says

“Through her hard work and her determination in her therapy, she has been able to do a lot more than was first hoped for her when she was diagnosed

 Its a shame that the use of the word ‘therapy’ is used to describe Conductive Education, but this is a  nice feel good story .