A few words of good cheer

I received a very welcome response to my blog about starting to collect together a Library, which I know will be useful for answering enquiries

Anne Wittig, a conductor writes:

Just a quick email saying Happy New Year and I do hope your personal library will grow. I do hope to get more books together and build more on my own. Anyhow, I just wanted to say thanks for setting up the Virtual Library. I browsed a bit on it today and its awesome. Love it. It definitely helps people like me, who are away from big relevant libraries. Thanks again.

I do not get much feed back especially some such as this – very heartening, Anne, thank you very much. and

Anne has recently started her own consultancy in British Columbia and also finds time to writes a blog. Do have a look at

So I am doubly pleased she has found time to contact me in this way.

Pause for thought

This year has not been a very good one healthwise for my family, friends and myself. Over the past few months I have learnt what it is like to have your life controlled by appointments with doctors, hospitals, nurses, physiotherapists and consultants. Fortunately things are improving now and life will return to what passes for normal  fairly soon – I hope.
Because of this, blogging and finding material for the virtual catalogue  has suffered, but I have been thinking about them and wondering why my appeals for information go largely unanswered. Comments on postings are also rare. I have had some responses, thank you, ( a few privately), but had hoped in particular, that most people would know of at least one document and send me details.  Maintaining these sites is  voluntary and I do get satisfaction from doing so, but it would be great to have more feedback especially for the catalogue.
Checking the statistics shows that both sites get visitors averaging out to 50 per week for the catalogue, and 100 for this blog, which I think is quite good considering. All those who do visit, please keep coming and drop me a note occasionally, let me know what you think and make suggestions.