ECA Newsletter and Conductors’ Workplaces map

Today I received a copy of the ECA (European Conductive Association ) Newsletter in my email inbox. This publication is new to me and I assumed it was a new  venture, but on checking the Association’s website I found that there have been five previous newsletters, the first coming out in December 2010.

This latest one, number 6, will probably go on-line soon.

The last item in the Newsletter was about the Conductors’ Workplaces map and it was a surprise, and very nice too, to see my name mentioned as the creator of this. Although I did all the input of information, it could not have been done without the help of others – Ben Foulger who set up the software used, and Andrew Sutton and Susie Mallett, who helped by giving me lots of URLs to check and use. Like most things, this was a ‘team’ effort.
It was great to see mentioned that everyone needs to help with maintaining this and keeping it up to date, by letting me know about any new places or closure of any on the map.


Thank you ECA for mentioning it and I will look forward to receiving more workplaces information as a result.

By the way, this is my first posting using my new toy – an I-pad – and it has been a bit of a learning curve for me!

International Conductive Education Working Group established

Whilst searching the Internet for items for my virtual catalogue, I often come across the unexpected, but all the more interesting because of that. Yesterday I found the minutes and working paper of the International Conductive Education Working Group, a group which I had not heard of.

This records the minutes of a meeting held during the World Congress in Hong Kong involving people from Austria, Germany, North America, Hungary and Hong Kong only. No British, Australian or New Zealand representatives.
 A photo of those at the meeting heads the minutes.
These minutes are recorded under the European Conductors Association logo by Thorsten Gegenwarth and it was agreed that the ECA
who have drawn up the mission/vision statement, would co-ordinate the working group for the next three years. Perhaps the results of this working together will be presented at the next World Congress in Germany in 2013.

It will be interesting to see the outcome of this proposed co-operation and sharing and I will post any further information I find.