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New portal may still help parents find out more about Conductive Education

Two things have been sent to me today which made me think about the lack of accessible accurate information for parents on what Conductive Education is and what it could do for their child.Firstly, a discussion forum for parents had a posting asking about CE and received two very limited responses. Perhaps parents or centres would like to elaborate on these and help the mother make an informed decision.


I imagine there may be other forums with similar requests; it is difficult to keep track of them all.

Secondly, two stories in the Texas press highlight the success of Conductive Education for one child and relate the process of finding out about it and the setting up a centre by this child’s parents. This may provide publicity in Texas but that doesn’t necessarily spread out from there.



How this lack of information can be remedied is a moot question. The proposed CE website, www.conductiveEducation.net, announced earlier this year failed to meet its launch dates in April and May, but now hopes to launch on 30 October and intends to act as a portal for all those interested in CE at all levels. See-


Maybe this will go some way to providing answers.