Maria Hari’s contribution to Conductive Education

I have just seen Andrew’s post about the anniversary of Maria Hari’s death and it set me thinking about her.
She was keen for people to know about and understand Conductive Education and produced  many items on the subject. I compiled a bibliography of her work some time ago now and this is now up in the Depository of the Virtual Library on Conduction’s website and this includes unpublished papers, books, articles and conference presentations   in English, French and Hungarian.
There are other references to her on the Internet which may be of interest too  at
Do have a look and see.
Its important that she be remembered.

Docstoc is closing down

Yeasterday I found out by chance that Docstoc, an internet site for storing and sharing documents for free is going to close down on 1 December.

I made a search to see what items on Conductive Education had been uploaded to the site and found that these had already been removed and were now unavailable. Perhaps they have been moved by their owners to another site.

I also received an email from someone who is offering a similar service (though it seems to be mainly legal documents and papers on offer) and I thought some of you might be interested in investigating this.

Jamie Swift wrote:

As you may know, Docstoc, which was a fantastic online document resource for small businesses and organizations, is closing down permanently on December 1st. Our startup,, thinks we can serve as a quality replacement for many of Docstoc’s document productivity tools with the free resources below:

I hope this helps, and I look forward to hearing back from you!



Jamie Smith

Content Associate, FormSwift – A SaaS startup helping businesses and organizations go paperless


Do have a look and see if this meets your needs.

On Conduction’s website there is a Document Depository which contains items on CE that are not available anywhere else, such as papers, presentations and articles. If you think your document might be a good candidate for inclusion please do contact me.


Availability of papers on Conductive Education read at conferences

Today I read a posting  by Susie Mallett about a cerebral palsy conference in Bled.
She notes that there was a presentation made by a conductor, Gabriella Czifra, who also chaired the first plenary session, and asks where she can find out more information about the presentation.
These days conference proceedings are not always published as many presentations are made using Powerpoint and not written up as they would once have been, so only those present at the conference are aware of events or developments in the field. It made me wonder yet again, how often presentations and participation by conductors occur in conferences which go unnoticed or unreported.
 In the past I have asked people either to send me copies of their presentations so that I may include them in the Depository on Conduction’s website,
or let me know of any plans to publish elsewhere on the Internet or in hard copy.
Can I repeat that request again?  In particular, can I ask you, Gabriella, to send me your presentation so that it can be placed in the Depository and be available to a much wider audience?
 Surely it is so important for the future of Conductive Education  to write, publish and record developments?

Another home for CE centres posting on Conductive World blog

As the posting on Conductive World about parents establishing CE centres was such a comprehensive and interesting statement, and  may become ‘lost’ as other postings are made on the blog,   I have now added it to the Depository on Conduction’s website and it can be found at

More in the Virtual Conductive Education Library Depository

After neglecting the Depository of the virtual Library  for the past weeks I have just added several papers. These have been sent to me over the past couple of days and provided the push I needed to get more material up.
A report by Rony Schenker of the recent conference on Conductive Education held in Shanghai last December is now in the Depository alongside its Chinese version translated by Claire Cheng. These make three items about China, two of them  in English. It doesn’t sound a lot but considering most information about the development of CE in China is on the Internet  in Mandarin, having two recent items in English is quite a coup.  If you know of others, please do send therm to me.
Getting these into the right format for uploading has taken me quite a while today –  and a lot of careful work. Each had to be redone several times and my patience wore a bit thin more than once! But in the end  –  success. Hooray!
After doing this I checked my email and a friend had sent me a link to a video. I have just watched this and realised that I am quite happy to get frustrated, do things again and again  and  not work like the man in the film.

Have a look

Conductive Education: do we want to save the history and knowledge?

This morning on the Today programme, BBC Radio 4, there was an item on archives and preservation of knowledge. This was prompted by the news that the poet,Wendy Pope, had sold her archive to the British Library and led to a wider discussion about preserving documents in the electronic age, the difficulties thereof due to sheer volume, and how important librarians and archivists were to the organisation and management of such collections in today’s ‘digital abundance’.
Naturally it made me think of Conductive Education and what was being done to save its history, development and practice. The National Library aimed to fufill this role as far as it was possible whilst I was Librarian, collecting centre brochures, reports, press cuttings, reports etc, but I would think maintaining the collection in this way will have been very difficult if not impossible during the past two years.
Maintaining this blog, reporting and recording events, answering enquiries is my small contribution to establishing a record, a history, the facts of what is happening in the CE world. Another resource is the virtual library, the virtual catalogue which includes items on the Internet which are available to those who want to investigate, analyse and discuss. Unfortunately one disadvantage of the Internet is the ‘disappearance’ of items due to broken links, deletion or being moved to new locations as has happened with some of the items I have found for the Virtual Catalogue, but with limited resources it is not possible to track everything down.
 I do my best.
One question you may ask is does anyone really care? Other than me, of course. If Conductive Education is to have a future surely it must have a recorded past to learn from and build on?
I would like to offer everyone the chance to present their papers, documents, writings to me for inclusion in the Repository on
or to keep with other material I am collecting here in my ‘office’.
Let’s do our best to save and preserve knowledge for those who will follow us in the years to come.

Update re the Virtual Catalogue and Repository

A few months ago I started moving the virtual catalogue on my blog at
 to a new page on Conduction’s website at
and now  253 items have been added  with more still waiting, but please note that this task will be never ending as I discover more items on the Internet.
I hope to be able to post a selection of items recently added regularly to give you an idea of the types and numbers of material available via the catalogue.
A Repository has also been set up. This will include the full text of documents which have not been published and are unavailable elsewhere. Items will be listed in the searchable catalogue –  a fine resource for those wishing to read more about Conductive Education.
I have several waiting to be included and last week Andrew Sutton alerted me to the possibility of another, a paper being delivered to a conference in the US. :-
   DeCleene, K, DePoy, L. Can Occupational Therapists Enhance a Conductive Education Program with Sensory Integration for Children with Cerebral Palsy? 24th Annual Dean’s Occupational Therapy Research Conference. Saint Louis, MO, March 2011.
I have been in touch with Kate DeCleene and she has agreed to send me a copy when the final draft is complete. This is wonderful and made me wonder if there are any more such papers, presentations that could also go into the Repository. If you know of any, or have papers of your own, please do let me know.
Naturally it will take time to get  everything up, but I am working at it as time is what I have plenty of at the moment!
Please do let me know what you think of this project and how useful it is for you.
Feedback of any kind is very welcome.