consultancies and practices

New year, new service in Essex

I heard today about a new service started by an English conductor in Essex. Stephanie Driver has set up in Brentwood offering Conductive Education sessions for children. She also teaches yoga and meditation, offers  yoga for children who have disabilities, and chair yoga for adults who have movement difficulties / disabilities.


She can be found on the Where Conductors Work map at

If you wish to know more,  please email her at


Good luck, Stephanie!

New entries on the Workplace map

Over the past couple of weeks I have received information about several new ventures by conductors in the UK. These are

Conductive Education Bristol,

Next Hills, Winchester,

 Marbles Movement and Learning, Maidenhead, Surrey.

New provision of CE is good news indeed in these tough financial times and I hope there will be more to come, not just in the UK,  but worldwide.

Having the information means I can update the map and let everyone know, so please do email me details of any new service provision as and when it starts.

My lists, CE Centres and Conductor Workplaces

I believe there has been some confusion and miscommunication about my lists of CE Centres and the new virtual map of Conductors’ Workplaces.
The links to the lists which appeared on the sidebar of this blog, have been deleted (although the original postings are still in place), and all information contained in them has been updated and is now available via the virtual map at
In future please do go the virtual map for information about where conductors are working and to find out if there is conductor-led practice in a particular country.
As always I will be grateful for new information about these workplaces because I will need your help to  keep the map up to date.

A few words of good cheer

I received a very welcome response to my blog about starting to collect together a Library, which I know will be useful for answering enquiries

Anne Wittig, a conductor writes:

Just a quick email saying Happy New Year and I do hope your personal library will grow. I do hope to get more books together and build more on my own. Anyhow, I just wanted to say thanks for setting up the Virtual Library. I browsed a bit on it today and its awesome. Love it. It definitely helps people like me, who are away from big relevant libraries. Thanks again.

I do not get much feed back especially some such as this – very heartening, Anne, thank you very much. and

Anne has recently started her own consultancy in British Columbia and also finds time to writes a blog. Do have a look at

So I am doubly pleased she has found time to contact me in this way.

Conductors with Consultancies and Practices

This  post was ready to go up today when I realised that Andrew had already blogged its content after a conversation we had yesterday, Still, better late than never!
I realised that a number of conductors are running their own services for individuals or groups. Some, but not all of these also offer consultancy work. Therefore the list on the right hand side of this blog has been amended to cover all those that I know of who practise Conductive Education on their own, and/or offer consultancy work, with the new title of Conductor Consultancies and Practices, and can be found at :
If you know of any others or you work in this way please let me know and I will add the information to the list. If you do not have a website ( or I haven’t found it!) and I have not heard from another source it is impossible for me to discover your details and include them on the list.

Update to consultancies

I have just updated the list of Conductor Consultancies. It now include the new one set up by Anne-Christan Wittig in British Columbia and details of her services can be found on her blog by clicking the URL provided on the list .
Even though Judit Szathmary has now closed her centre, I believe she is still operating her consultancy, so she is still included. If this is not the case, I hope someone will let me know.
The list  can be accessed via the link on the right hand side of this page.

Conductors with consultancies and practices

I have found a small number of websites of conductors who run consultancies and offer services to individuals or groups. Most of these are in the UK or US.
Details of what is on offer may be obtained from their websites or by email.


Lisa Gombinsky is now operating Pys Ed Studio in Sydney, Australia and can be contacted at

Eszter Agocs works in Adelaide, running Future Footprints Conductive Education at
80a Prospect Road, PROSPECT 5082, Adelaide,  SA. Phone number: +614 00 202 509
Contact her at  Website:


Anne-Christian Wittig has set up in British Columbia and can be contacted via her blog and email at

Eire (Ireland)

Hajnalka Kele is offering her services in Ireland at  Norbreck, Belvedere Lawn, Douglas, Cork, Ireland. contact her by telephone: 00353 (0) 879560460 email:


Susie Mallett, based in Nuremberg, offers services for children and adults

Raphaela Ross, based in Paderborn


Agnes Borbely has been running her consultancy, Moira, since 1987.

United Kingdom

László Szögeczki runs Independent Conductive Education Services in the North of England. Please contact him via email or mobile phone only at present.

Path for the Disabled Ltd is based in Exeter with Erszebet Gordon.

Judit Szathmary has Szathmary Training and Consultancy based in Hampshire, England.
Phone: 07967 1944 33 email:

Lisa Kovacs is the contact for the service Learning Alternatives based in Wales

Noemi Nagy

Angelina Dawson, based in the West Midlands, offers to work with children and adults

Gábor Temleitner has been operating for some years now and can be contacted at

Amanda Elliott runs New Forest Conductive Pedagogy and works with adults and children. Contact her  at

Hand in Hand
Norbreck, Belvedere Lawn, Douglas, Cork, Ireland. contact: Hajnalka Kele
phone: 00353 (0) 879560460 email:
United States

Krisztina Abonyi Bernstein‘s consultancy, Conduktiva, in San Francisco has a website at

Eleonora Tamasne is in San Jose, California at Learning Together and can be contacted by phone on +1 408 858 2238 and has a website

Judit Roth runs Cerebral Palsy Solutions, Coaching and Consulting Inc., a consultancy in Virginia, US.

Ssuzsi Balogh’s consultancy, Conductive Education for the Motor Disabled, offers services  in Bellevue, WA ( near Seattle) doing home visits only and can be contacted via her blog at
or phone 425-351-3559.

There may be more I have not tracked down yet. Please let me know of any not listed above or any details which are wrong.