conductors’ workplaces map

New entries on the Workplace map

Over the past couple of weeks I have received information about several new ventures by conductors in the UK. These are

Conductive Education Bristol,

Next Hills, Winchester,

 Marbles Movement and Learning, Maidenhead, Surrey.

New provision of CE is good news indeed in these tough financial times and I hope there will be more to come, not just in the UK,  but worldwide.

Having the information means I can update the map and let everyone know, so please do email me details of any new service provision as and when it starts.

Updating the Where Conductors Work Map 2

I have now finished checking countries from I-Z and cannot find websites for the following places:

Universtiy Hospital of Tromsø. 

Aspace Centro de neurorrehabilitacion PETÖ

Aspire -Berkshire Conductive Education & Multi-Sensory Activity Centre

Blackfriars School

Ladderback Kids

Rutland House

Not as many as in the first batch of countries.

Of course they may have changed their names or have new websites at different URLs. Please do let me know if they are still operating with a conductor or I will mark them as closed.

Please also let me know of any others  that may have closed recently, leaving their website ‘live’.

Do help me with this, if you can. I cannot do it without you!

Updating the Where Conductors Work Map

The map indicating where conductors work has been up for some time and had regular additions and changes made whenever information has been sent to me.

As most of the entries have not been checked for a while I thought I would make this a summer project. No doubt you can see what a daunting prospect that is but I have made a start by checking whether websites  for the US workplaces and countries beginning with the letter A – G  are still ‘live’ and found a number which are not. These are:

Cerebral Palsy Ability Center

 Boost Camp

 A Step to Independence

 Brighter Beginnings through Conductive Education

 International Institute for Conductive Education

 Blue Ridge Association for Conductive Education

 Special Therapy and Education Program of Saugeen

 S.W.O.N.T Optomist Conductive Education

 Hand in Hand

These centres may have new websites or changed their names making it impossible for me to find them.

If anyone can confirm their closure or new name/website I would be very grateful  and make the changes accordingly.

If I hear nothing their pins will be removed from the map.

I would welcome news of any other centre changes of name, website, address, not mentioned here.

Conductor/s need to be employed in  a workplace for it to be  included on the map, so please also let me know of any that have a pin, but  no longer have conductors on the staff.

Thank you!


Changes to Workplace Map

I have just heard that the Standing Tall Centre in New York will be merging with the International Academy of Hope (iHOPE) in June 2014. Services will still operate from the same address.

All enquiries to Andrea Lozano at

Being informed of such changes helps me to keep the Workplace Map up to date, so thank you, Andrea.

If anyone else knows of closures, openings, change of address etc,  please do email me and then I can include the new information on the map at 

Conductors’ workplaces

I am slowly getting back to normal with blogging and maintaining my services. The virtual library catalogue has had some new additions and now I am checking on the Conductors’ Workplace map.

A new place has been added in Connecticut and I am waiting to hear if the centre in Washington is still going.

Do you know of any other new services or  closures?

If so please do let me know as I cannot keep the map up to date without your help.

ECA Newsletter and Conductors’ Workplaces map

Today I received a copy of the ECA (European Conductive Association ) Newsletter in my email inbox. This publication is new to me and I assumed it was a new  venture, but on checking the Association’s website I found that there have been five previous newsletters, the first coming out in December 2010.

This latest one, number 6, will probably go on-line soon.

The last item in the Newsletter was about the Conductors’ Workplaces map and it was a surprise, and very nice too, to see my name mentioned as the creator of this. Although I did all the input of information, it could not have been done without the help of others – Ben Foulger who set up the software used, and Andrew Sutton and Susie Mallett, who helped by giving me lots of URLs to check and use. Like most things, this was a ‘team’ effort.
It was great to see mentioned that everyone needs to help with maintaining this and keeping it up to date, by letting me know about any new places or closure of any on the map.


Thank you ECA for mentioning it and I will look forward to receiving more workplaces information as a result.

By the way, this is my first posting using my new toy – an I-pad – and it has been a bit of a learning curve for me!

More workplaces on the map

Over the past week I have been able to add six new workplaces to the Workplace map at

This has been possible as several people have sent me the details, which is wonderful.   Conductors sent me details about the schools in Australia and Sweden, Rony Schenker  details of the Apartment in Israel, and Andrew details for the workplaces in Russia and France.

Many thanks to you all.

Please keep them coming and also don’t forget to let me know when any close or no longer have a conductor, as  I can not keep this up to date without you.

If your workplace is not up there, tell me and send details!

Conductors’ Workplaces Map – an update

I have now uploaded more places that I have on my lists and there are just over 350 of them. Amazing! I did not expect the number to be so high and there are still more to include.

Details about the map and how it works have been comprehensively described in Andrew’s blog posting at

Details of some places that I didn’t know about have been sent to me which is terrific.  If I am going to keep this current I will need your continued  help.
 If any of the information changes, any new workplaces need adding, any places no longer operating or employing conductors, please do let me know and I can alter the entries accordingly. If  a place closes or no longer employs coductors I will make a note in the entry of this. This will mean that the map will also show a history of places that have come and gone, but only from 2013 onwards. It would be an impossible task to record all those centres and employers already gone.
In compiling this map I am indebted to two lists in particular. One of German places  found in

and the other, a list of places in Hungary produced by the Peto Institute in 2009

More places on the map

I have spent quite a bit of time this weekend putting more workplaces on the Intelligent Love map and am beginning to think I have square eyeballs now!
Nearly 100 more places in Hungary, Israel, Germany and the US now have pins in the map, making almost 300 altogether. These are not all centres but include hospitals, nurseries, schools and nursing homes which have at least one conductor working there.

I have quite a long list of places waiting for pins, probably getting on for 100 or so. You wouldn’t have thought there would be so many, would you?

I have discovered that some places are no longer operating and some conductors are not running their consultancies anymore. This is a shame, but these things happen, and new places are starting up all the time.
I have had some emails telling me of closures, and new operations, which is great. Please keep this up as it is impossible for me to maintain all this information on my own.
I would like to hear if this map is useful to you and in what way.

New virtual map showing conductors’ workplaces

My previous posting mentioned that I was intending to update the lists of conductors’ workplaces with a request for information on any changes known by anyone. I did receive a few responses which were helpful. Thank you.
For the last week I have been busy updating the information accordingly. This has been quite along job involving a lot of checking on the Internet! Librarians don’t just work with books and journals etc.
   The exciting thing is that this information is no longer in a list format on the side of my blog but now on a world map with a pin indicating each location. Ben Foulger has set this up on his new website
 I have entered  nearly 200 places so far and there a still a lot waiting to go on.
The map can be ‘asked’ to show services available for children, or adults, or both, and there is a search option that can be used to show locations for  a particular country, or a particular centre. Do use the help page for further guidance and information.
I have checked all the details as far as I can and hope that people will write to me to correct any wrong  information, notify me of any missing places and any that no longer employ conductors.
Do go and have a look and see what you think, and let me know!