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New Conductive Education training in Germany

I have heard today that the degree course at Nurnberg is all set to start up later this year in September at  Evangelischen Hochschule Nürnberg ( . For the past few years work has been going on to get the course organised and receive the necessary Ministry approval and it seems that has been obtained.

Students  will become  graduates with a BA ,  specializing in Conductive Support.  A degree just for Conductive Education is planned for the future.There is no mention of who will be teaching the course or exactly where practice will take place, it will be somewhere in Europe, I think – my German is very rusty! I would be grateful if someone corrects me if I have misunderstood anything.

Further information can be found at!/show/5/studiengang-heilpaedagogik-mit-fachrichtung-konduktiven-foerderung-ab-2017-in-nuernberg/


Ready for 2016

The past few months for me have been fraught with technical problems, getting a new computer, and sorting out getting started again. Hopefully all is well now and I can get back to posting, cataloguing and working on the latest project for publication by Conductive Education Press in 2016.

The year 2015 has been one of financial difficulties, closure and change for all those involved in Conductive Education, resulting in little in the way of new developments. The main item of news has been the appointment of a new rector at the Andras Peto College, Andrea Zsebe

She has announced hope of new partnerships in CE and plans for a masterate.

I wonder what 2016 will bring!

 I wish a Happy New Year to you all.

First Australian to train to be a conductor in UK

I saw this post on Ruth Wales’ (nee Stange) Facebook page  about an exciting piece of news for Australia. An assistant at Carson Street School, Western Australia has been accepted onto the conductor training course at the National Institute of Conductive Education in Birmingham, UK for September 2015.

The media release posted by Ruth says:


Jessica Cornelius, an Education Assistant at Carson Street School, has just been accepted to train at the National Institute of Conductive Education in Birmingham, UK.

Jessica will be the very first Australian to train as a Conductor. This is a huge commitment and the School is very proud of her achievement.

Carson Street School is the State’s only Education Support Primary School and the only school in WA to provide the unique program of Conductive Education.

Qualified Conductor Status (QCS), which is a worldwide recognised professional qualification and enables graduates to be employed as a Conductor. In addition to QCS, graduates receive an honours degree in Conductive Education.


I have not been able to track down a link for it on the Internet. There is no mention of it  on Carson Street school’s website that I can find either.


Good luck to Jessica!




Conductive Education Newsletters

Every now and again I get sent the latest newsletter from a CE organisation which helps keep me up to date.

I had one from the New Zealand Foundation for Conductive Education recently and as always this was full of information about developments in New Zealand. This can be seen at

A few days ago I received the latest newsletter from ACENA  and this can be found at–Winter-2014.html?soid=1115767549498&aid=tybPmT-7f4o

The format of this has been updated  and includes  an overview of training courses in Conductive Education, report on the World Congress and a report on the status of Conductive Education in North America.

Access to all previous newsletters is also available.

If you produce a newsletter, please do let me know and send me a copy and then I post an up to date list here on the blog..


News that NICE conductor-training with Wolverhampton is ending

 Yesterday evening I saw the report of the demise of the conductor-training at NICE
I felt very sad. I was involved in this course from the very beginning as I had been building the Library for some time at this stage. The Library was established as an open access  resource for all those interested in discovering, studying, researching Conductive Education and was used by all the students too.
I do remember many of the graduates who have gone on to do good work all over the world and enjoyed helping them during their studies. Quite a few have contacted me over the years with queries and I enjoyed editing the book Just Do It! – a collection of reports on their  new careers in Conductive Education, published by Conductive Education Press.
A Google Alert has led me to a number of comments on Andrew’s blog in response to the news  and I will look forward to hearing more about the plans to continue the course at NICE in June, as promised there by Mel Brown, and post any information I get on this blog.

Israelis due to start new course for conductors in September

I have just read  on Andrew’s blog      %20about

about the new course, set up by Tsad Kadima, for training conductors in Israel which is due to start later in the year. What an exciting development this is for Israel and may prove a model for other countries to follow.

 Hearty congratulations to all concerned in setting this up and I will look forward to hearing more about it in the future.
Over the years I have sent material and references to Rony Schenker at Tsad Kadima and asssume these  will now be part of a collection of materials built up over time, making a valuable resource for the students. I hope that the virtual catalogue I am developing at

will be useful to them too.

Maybe I will be sent some documents in Hebrew on the Internet  to include! Remember all contributions and suggestions are welcome.