conductor associations

Conductor Associations

Conductors are now working all over the world, some on their own, some in organisations employing more than one conductor, and anything that helps with feelings of professional isolation and offers contact with others in similar situations has got to be of potential benefit. Some conductors have joined together to form associations to help with such circumstances and have created websites to help spread knowledge of their existence, so report of the new website of the German Conductors Association
is very welcome as it joins others on the internet:
Hungarian Conductors Association
 New Zealand Conductors Association
 European Conductors Association
 ACENA (Association for Conductive Education in North America) invites membership from conductors working in North America


In the UK, a professional organisation is currently being set up (more news on this as it comes)

These associations offer different things to their members such as a discussion forum, job and membership information, calendar of events and meetings as well as contact details, and are in German, Hungarian and English according to the country.

If anyone knows of any other associations/groups, please let me know.