conductive living

George’s travels and conductive lifestyle

This week I received a copy of George’s travelogue published last October and previewed at the 8th World Congress of Conductive Education in Munich.

George has cerebral palsy. His  Hungarian mother and grandmother arranged for him to  attend Conductive Education sessions in the Pető Institute when he was  a small boy, and since then he  has lived a conductive lifestyle supported by his family.

This book recounts a holiday in the Rockies of Canada, and another on a  cruise down the Danube travelling through Germany, Austria, Slovakia and, of course, Hungary. Both holidays were spent with his family, sharing the experience and supporting him.

 It is a wonderful read that makes the reader think he/she is on the journey too, overcoming all the obstacles in a very cheery manner.  What seems normal and easy for most of us is a real challenge for George and he manages it all beautifully!

This book is a very interesting read that I recommend to anyone who would like to know more about living a conductive lifestyle.

If you wish to obtain a copy, please contact Susie Mallett at  for details of this and other publications from CN Press.


McDowell, G. (2013) George’s travelogue; stories of travel and conductive living. Nürnberg: CN Press.