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Copies of new book, Genesis, now available

After all the celebrations of Christmas and New Year it is now time to get back to reading again! I have some copies of Conductive Education Press’s latest title, Genesis, to dispose of.
This book tells something of what Tsad Kadima has done in Israel, and what this has achieved. It recounts something of the process of creating the ‘Tsad Kadima family’, which has developed over the years in a manner unique within the world of Conductive Education. This includes the vital matter of sustainability, Tsad Kadima demonstrating the potential for national Conductive Education systems to reproduce themselves and evolve for the benefit of generations to come.
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Copies are for sale at £5 each, plus £1.50 postage and packing for the UK, and  plus £3.70 for Europe.
 Email me at to order your copy or copies. Pre-payment is required.
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Another electronic book from Conductive Education Press

The CEP quotationary of Andras Peto and his Conductive Education, first published in 2013,  is now available as a pdf  for £4.00 (no postage!) as well as the traditional book format.

The back cover blurb of the book says :

This quotationary’s 307 quotations contribute some distilled essence, including 48 sayings or reported sayings from the man himself, plus vivid direct reports from friends and associates, and the observations of some of those who have tried to nail his fleeting shadow.

These quotations come from 40 named sources, and are referenced to 15 different texts.

For further information and to order a copy in either format, please go to

New book from Conductive Education Press

Schenker, R., ed. Genesis; bringing Conductive Education to Israel. Birmingham: Conductive Education Press, Jerusalem: Tsad Kadima

Bringing Conductive…
By Rony Schenker
Photo book

In the summer Conductive Education Press was asked by Tsad Kadima (Israel) if we would publish their story to celebrate 30 years of the organisation. Naturally we agreed, and are very pleased to announce that the book, Genesis, edited by Rony Schenker and published jointly by Conductive Education Press and Tsad Kadima,  is now available. An abstract on the back cover states:

This book tells something of what Tsad Kadima has done in Israel, and what this has achieved. It recounts something of the process of creating the ‘Tsad Kadima family’, which has developed over the years in a manner unique within the world of Conductive Education. This includes the vital matter of sustainability, Tsad Kadima demonstrating the potential for national Conductive Education systems to reproduce themselves and evolve for the benefit of generations to come.

 The book is the result of a lot of hard work by the final year students of the Israeli conductor training course who interviewed the parents and the professionals involved in bringing Conductive Education to Israel. It highlights the unique perspective and determination of Israeli parents 30 years ago, an example to us all.

There is an early bird price for the book  of £5.00 (plus postage and packing) on the occasion of the coming 9th World Congress of Conductive Education in Budapest.

Copies can be ordered via this link


Conductive Education e-books

For some time now I have been getting Google alerts for someone offering free pdf downloads of  Conductive Education e-books.  These titles seem very unlikely candidates for this, as they must still be in copyright with the publishers even though they date from the 1980s, so I assume they are some sort of scam to get access to people’s details. How it works I haven’t a clue!

I am sure most people are ignoring these offers for one reason or another but I suggest that those of you who are tempted, you resist.

E-books are a wonderful thing in the right place and time, but perhaps not for out dated Conductive Education material. Conductive Education Press is considering offering e-versions of some of its books but no decision has been made yet.

If you are interested let us know.

How many recent books on Conductive Education?

Conductive Education Press has another book in the pipeline and that made we wonder just how many books on Conductive Education have been published in the past five years or so. I was surprised to see that there have been quite a few, from a variety of countries – UK, Sweden, Finland, Hong Kong, Hungary, Germany, – in a variety of languages – English, German, Hungarian, Chinese.

This is a list of what I found:


Abstract book of 7th World Congress. Hong Kong: SAHK.

Airaksinen, Leena and Carlstedt, Ingrid, ed. Conductive Education – towards an integrated school day. Alvsjo and Helsinki: Joriel School and Ruskeasuo School.

Beck, Éva Task series in Conductive Education. Budapest: MPANNI.

Graham, Jo, McGuigan, Chas and Maguire, Gillian, ed. Intelligent love. Birmingham: Conductive Education Press.

Mallett, Susie Let me tell you a story. Nürnberg: Conductor Nürnberg.

Sutton, Andrew and Maguire, Gillian, ed. Internationalising Conductive Education. Birmingham: Conductive Education Press.


Sutton, Andrew Last Year in Hong Kong. Birmingham: Conductive Education Press.

Mallett, Susie 引导式育成及生活方式:请你听我讲故事作者

苏丝‧马勒 [Chinese edition of Susie Mallett’s Let me tell you a story]


Heußinger, Waltraud ‘Er kam wie ein Blitz aus heiterem Himmel’/’It came like a bolt from the blue’. Edited by Susie Mallett. Nürnberg: Conductor Nürnberg.

Maguire, Gillian and Sutton, Andrew András Pető. Birmingham: Conductive Education Press.

Noel, Jessica Conductive Education pocket book. [online] Noel. [Available at


Abstract book of 8th World Congress. Munich: Bavarian Association CE Pető e.V.

Bugya, Évi Konduktives Kochbuch: Pfannkuchen nach konduktiver Art / Conductive Cookery Book: pancakes conductive style. Nürnberg: Cila.

CEP quotationary. Birmingham: Conductive Education Press.

McDowell, George. George’s travelogue/Urlauberlebnisse. Edited by Susie Mallett. Nürnberg: Conductor Nürnberg.

Strzałkowski, Ralph Never, never quit: my Conductive Education. Birmingham: Conductive Education Press.

Tatlow, Anita Konduktive Förderung Fur Kinder Und Jugendliche Mit Zerebralparese. Munich: Landesverband Bayern Konduktive Förderung nach Pető e.V


Kollega Tarsoly István, ed. Emlékkönyv Dr Hári Mária 1923-2001. Budapest: Pető András Főiskola.

Have I missed any, I wonder?  Please let me know if I have.


World Book Day – hurrah for books, hurrah for Conductive Education books!

Books have always been a very important part of my life and seem to be everywhere in my house. Today is World Book Day and most libraries and book shops will be making a bit of a splash about it. I wonder how much promotion Conductive Education  books will get  in libraries of all kinds, including those holding significant amounts of material, and bookshops.

Since 2010 nineteen books have been published on CE, with  Conductive Education Press producing seven titles covering various aspects – international development, young conductors going out into the working world, parents experiences, András Pető, and memories of Conductive Education received as a child.

Copies can be ordered by clicking on a title at

There are ideas  for several more and a new publication will come out soon to celebrate the variety of information on the subject.

Get reading!


Book Sale ends 30 November

Just a few days left!

Conductive Education Press


30 November

CEP has aquired a small stock of books from conductor Susie Mallett’s publishing house
‘An extraordinary conductor’ – Professor Franz Schaffhauser

For just three weeks CEP offers a reduced price for copies of three of CN’s books for £ 3.00 each

Let me tell you a story, Susie Mallett
Half-a-dozen essays around conductive pedagogy and upbringing with children and adults
In English, 50 pages, illustrated by the author, colour
(The Chinese edition of this book is not in the present sale)

It came like a bolt from a blue,  Waltraud Heussinger
A post-stroke story in words and pictures, with additional contributions by Werner Heussinger and Susie Mallett
In English and in German (parallel texts), 50 pages, photographs by Wernerr Heussinger, colour

George’s travelogue,  George McDowell
Stories of travel and conductive living, with additional contributions by Susie Mallett Emma McDowell and Andrew Sutton.
In English and in German (parallel texts), 82 pages, illustrated, colour

2. CEP also has a very small stock of ‘seconds’, pre-proof copies of one of its own books, offered at the sale price of £5.00 each

András Pető, compiled and edited by Gillian Maguire and Andrew Sutton
András Pető in his own words, and the words of others, with additional contributions by Judit Forrai, Jo LeBeer and Reuven Feuerstein
Text in English, with facsimiles of some of András Pető’s poems and technical writing in Hungarian and German, 281 pages, indexed, black and white £ 5.00 each

Copies of this book, as published, and all CEP’s other publications are available to buy on line in the usual way, at their regular prices. See the catalogue and order on line:

Remember, this sale closes

30 November


Order on line by emailing, naming the books that you want to buy and how many copies you require – and what country you want them sent to.

Your order will be weighed and its postage calculated. You will be sent an invoice by email and on receipt of payment your order will be despatched through the post. Payment will be via Paypal, please.

Conductive Education Press Sale Ending Soon

There are only a few days left of this Conductive Education Press sale. Prices have been reduced by a third and this must end at midnight of 7 October.

See below for details:

Pető Studies

Original source material for presentations, assignments, dissertations, and private reflection – the only centralised resource yet for exploring who he was, and what he did and said
András Pető
Published 2012
Still the only book available on the mysterious founder of Conductive Education, with some of his own writings including examples of his poetry

CE Quotationary of András Pető and his Conductive Education
Published 2013
307 quotations by and about András Pető – some unexpected insights!

Library of Conductive Education

Contemporary writings from the modern world of Conductive Education, by families, conductors and others, with a broad variety of personal perspectives
Just do it!

Published 2009

Young conductors report their early experiences, working on five continents

Internationalising Conductive Education

Published 2010
First-hand accounts of developing Conductive Education services in eight countries

Intelligent Love

Published 2010
Parents’ action for Conductive Education around the world: in their families, setting up services, and in the political arena

Last Year in Hong Kong

Published 2011
Reflections upon Oriental Conductive Education, following the 7th World Congress, in Hong Kong

Never never quit

Published 2013

Memories of Conductive Education experienced as a child at the Pető Institute in the late 1980s.


Books are in English

Ordering copies

Click on the above links to see more of each book, and to order copies on line from the printers, for direct home delivery.

Remember, this sale closes

Wednesday 7 October

‘Never, never quit’, a motto for us all

A couple of years ago Conductive Education Press published the childhood memories of Ralph  Strzałkowski’s  experiences of Conductive Education at the Peto Institute as posted on his blog. Never, never quit,  was the first published memoir  of its kind and there has been no other since.
Since then Ralph, a practising lawyer in Florida, has set up a disability charity, the Florida Disability Access And Awareness Foundation, which
… is dedicated to raising awareness of issues affecting the disabled community, educating the public to fight misinformation and stereotypes and offering products and services to improve the lives of millions of people. 
A mighty endeavour,  and I wish him the best of luck and good fortune with its work.
He is now looking to collect together his numerous postings about the set up and progress of its operations. This week he posted about this and drew attention to his book about Conductive Education.
I haven’t had the need to go through  my writings  since Andrew Sutton put together a book out of 33 of my earlier posts. It was impressive to see my words on paper coming together to get a message across. The specific texts were then picked for a reason. There was a key that Andrew used for his selection, it needed to have a certain flow and tell a story. His interest and focus was on my childhood experiences, my time in Hungary and Conductive Education- and how all these things tied into my adult life and my work at the time for the Jordan Klausner Foundation. The point is – he did a good job making it work as if it was written for that purpose. With an angle of course and a bias of sorts if you will, but still- it was impressively coherent.
More information and ordering details  of Never, never quit are available from

Justin Herbst, Conductive Education graduate gives evidence to US Senate committee

Quite a few years ago I had contact with Patti Herbst when she started up the Conductive Education Center in Illinois with her husband, Chuck.. She had a son, Justin, with cerebral palsy and discovered Conductive Education which she was determined he would have. She wanted ‘independence for Justin’ and wrote about his journey in Intelligent Love, published by Conductive Education Press.

Since then the center has gone from strength to strength and so has Justin. He attended Southern Illinois University and after graduating found employment with UPS (United Parcel Services).

Yesterday I received the latest ACENA Newsletter which reported on the US Senate Committee hearing on Fufilling the Promise: Overcoming Persistent Barriers to Economic Self-sufficiency for People with Disabilities.

This hearing took place on  September 2014, and  Justin gave evidence along with several others. His presentation can be downloaded as a pdf  and watched on the video.

Justin’s achievements  are a fantastic example of what Conductive Education can do to transform lives and enable those with cerebral palsy to achieve their potential. His hard work has paid off and he is now willing to stand up for others and put the case to the US government to update its disability policies, for the Government to make sure that true independence can become a reality.

Patti and Chuck, enormously proud of their son, are still working hard to make Conductive Education  better known, and practised in the US.

Nice one!