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New Conductive Education charity

It seems a long time since anyone set up a new CE charity  in the UK but one has recently been formed by a mother, Judith Robert, in the north of England.

Families and Conductive Education (FaCE) aims to help  parents obtain the ‘treatment’ they need for their children. Judith’s daughter Ava, currently has sessions with Tunde Rosmics, founder of Conductive Life Services near Darlington.

For more information go to

Writing about Conductive Education

I have written many times about the need to write about Conductive Education to explain, educate and discuss the subject. It is particularly important for conductors to do so and this week I discovered that a recently qualified British Conductor, Ceri Winfield has been attempting this via her blog on the website for her services, Conductive Care.

Ceri graduated and qualified as a conductor in 2015 via the National Institute of Conductive Education,with a first class honours degree and the Brian Fraser Prize for Conductive Pedagogy. She has been providing services near Fareham, Hampshire since then and has been writing on her blog since May 2016.

Postings are short but succinct and should be of interest to those wishing to know about Conductive Education, providing a good introduction.

Let’s hope others will follow suit.

New year, new service in Essex

I heard today about a new service started by an English conductor in Essex. Stephanie Driver has set up in Brentwood offering Conductive Education sessions for children. She also teaches yoga and meditation, offers  yoga for children who have disabilities, and chair yoga for adults who have movement difficulties / disabilities.


She can be found on the Where Conductors Work map at

If you wish to know more,  please email her at


Good luck, Stephanie!

Peto Andras College takes Conductive Education to Transylvania

A Hungarian news item today reports on a three week programme of Conductive Education in Transylvania, Romania, provided by conductors from the Pető András College, (the newly re-named  Pető Institute).  In July  candidates from two villages took part in   a selection process and the three week course has just finished.

No mention is made of further sessions as far as ! can tell.

The report refers to the Institute , not the College,  but I have used its new name here.

Conductive Education pocket book

Today I was told about a new book about Conductive Education –

The Conductive Education pocket book.

This can be found at

Jessica Kate Noel  produced this in August 2012 for her Masters project in Advanced Architectural design at the University of Strathclyde. It is  based on her experiences as a conductive education assistant at the Lighthouse Summer School.

The introduction states  :

A simple reminder of  programmes and tasks as practiced at the Lighthouse Trust Summer School

Examples of lying, standing, sitting, and moving from ‘a to b’ are included with illustrations.