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Air, food, experience and Conductive Education

Today a very interesting, personal piece written by Judit Szathmary, a very experienced conductor and service provider, has gone up on Facebook . It is the November issue of her Digest  and she gives the link from her website for technical reasons.

She writes about air, food and experience and how these things interact with, and are part of, Conductive Education. Do read it and see life from a different perspective.

Jobs for conductors

Now recovered from a nasty tummy bug which made last week very uncomfortable, I can look at the outside world again. I notice today that Andrew has mentioned a conductor job going in Spain and I have had a request to mention the conductor-teacher post still unfilled in the US.I quote:


…the need for a certified CE teacher here in the Washington , DC area. This school district is the one that has been working with Sixten’s Foundation ( and has successfully launched its pilot program last year.

This post has been advertised on the Employment center page of the new Conductive Education Communications Center website, but perhaps it needs more time to become a regular browsing page for conductors.

Also the Job Centre on the Foundation for Conductive Education’s website has been having technical problems for some time now and might not be being viewed. Another thought is that maybe in these difficult financial times, conductors are staying put rather than moving around and looking for work.

Good luck to all those looking for a job and also to those wanting to recruit.

New Conductive Education portal now up and running!

New Conductive Education portal now up and running!

Today I received the press release re the new CE portal which is now up and running. Rather than try and summarise it I have reproduced it here. 


November 5, 2009 Contact: M.J. Szimanski
202.560.75 1 6

Conductive Education Communications Center (CECC) Launched at

Website Portal will Connect and Inform Parents, Educators and Legislators with Conductive Education Resources and News for Children with Cerebral Palsy and Related Disorders

WASHINGTON, DC – The Conductive Education Communications Center (CECC) website, blog and discussion forum was officially launched today at

The CECC website is specifically designed for parents, certified Conductive Education teachers and specialists, other therapists, center and facility owners, service providers, legislators, attorneys, the media and those involved with the care and education of children with cerebral palsy and related neuromuscular disorders.

The Conductive Education Communications Center offers areas including a blog, links, a resource toolbox, videos, attorney resources, worldwide Conductive Education centers, an employment center (for those seeking both Conductive Education employment and applicants), recent and relevant articles, news and perhaps most importantly, a discussion forum for parents, educators and others to discuss Conductive Education resources and experiences. Contributions from parents, educators and others will also we welcomed.

According to the Peto Institute

(, Conductive Education’s founding organization, “Conductive education is a unique system of teaching and learning for children with motor disorders such as cerebral palsy and spina bifida. It is designed to improve motor skills and increase independence of many aspects of common living.

Conductive Education was developed at the Petö Institute


in Hungary over 40 years ago and has now been widely established in Hungary, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Germany, Australia, Israel , and others. There are other centers using principles of Conductive Education in Malta and New Zealand as well.”

For further information on the Conductive Education Communications Center , please contact the publisher at

Sponsorship and advertising opportunities are available.

New content is still to be added and a little tweaking to be done. I am sure Mike Szimanski would appreciate any feedback that you may wish to give and it will be interesting to see how it develops.

Conductive Education Communications Center is nearly here

t is nearly the end of October when the new portal being set up in the US is due to be launched.The announcement of its aims and content has now been extended and updated. For further details go to

The portal, Conductive Education Communications Center, hopes to provide information for all those interested and involved in Conductive Education and ‘will allow you and others to learn more about Conductive Education and share what they know’.It will provide, amongst other services, articles and information obtained from libraries, (I hope copyright has been looked at here), a discussion forum, a blog, access to videos and news, sample forms, correspondence and strategies to help support Conductive Education in your area, webinars, and advertise centres, services etc for a fee.

This is a lot of information to be kept up to date and accurate, so I wish the CECC the best of luck and look forward to posting about the launch soon.