Conductive Education center of Orlando

Expansion for centre in Florida


It is always great to have some good news to report and I received a Yahoo alert today with exactly that.

Conductive Education Center of Orlando, Florida has a bigger, better, new building that is three times larger than the previous one.,0,7994103.story

This centre, opened in 2001,  is one of those that has managed to keep going for thirteen years and looks like continuing to do so. Its supporters have  made sure that

The new school was tailor-made for CECO at no cost by a group of local builders, vendors and donors.


Bathrooms feature stalls the size of walk-in showers, with room for wheelchairs and supportive equipment. Doors are designed with buttons or handles that the students can operate them. And classroom floors include both tile and carpet so students can get used to moving on different surfaces.

The extra space also means the school can expand its after school and summer programs and establish a program for young adults.

Congratulations to all concerned!