Conductive Education Bristol

New entries on the Workplace map

Over the past couple of weeks I have received information about several new ventures by conductors in the UK. These are

Conductive Education Bristol,

Next Hills, Winchester,

 Marbles Movement and Learning, Maidenhead, Surrey.

New provision of CE is good news indeed in these tough financial times and I hope there will be more to come, not just in the UK,  but worldwide.

Having the information means I can update the map and let everyone know, so please do email me details of any new service provision as and when it starts.

Conductive Education Bristol

Some time ago I reported the start of some children’s services in Bristol under the umbrella of Megan Baker House, a centre in Herefordshire. This was a first for that part of the UK.

I have been informed that Megan Baker House is no longer involved and that Natalie Sanchez and Hannah Silcock  are now working independently.  For the time being, they are still operating in the same premises, as Conductive Education Bristol:

 Kingswood Gymnastics Centre, Wesley Studios/Britannia Rd, Bristol BS15 8DB

 Anyone interested in finding out more should look on the Workplace map  or ring 07864176228 to speak to  Natalie or Hannah.

I wish you good luck with this venture.