Parents now choosing other options?

Over the years of compiling my lists of news items on the Internet I have searched under Conductive Education and cerebral palsy, as quite often items which didn’t mention CE, would appear about CE centres.
 I have now begun to  notice that, like Conductive Education, most of the items are connected with fundraising, rather than information or developments about the condition itself, and most of this fundraising is aimed at raising money to pay for operations (mostly in the US) which will ‘enable the child concerned to walk’, and sometimes intensive physiotherapy is required afterwards.  Other options that parents are choosing is stem cell treatment or one of the body suits which are available. I have no idea how successful these treatments are, in the short or long term.
 Are parents not checking out all their options? Occasionally these parents live very close to a Conductive Education centre and may have already tried it, or perhaps this means that the option of  Conductive Education is not so well known as it used to be.  Maybe centres are not able to publicise their services or encourage parents to visit and see what they have to offer.  Perhaps cost is a factor as the average amount needed for an operation is £45,000 – a substantial payment, but it should only be needed once. Conductive Education is not like that, but can involve a lifetime of learning – and therefore financial input.
Can that be one of the reasons?