New home for Dame Vera Lynn’s charity

Dame Vera Lynn’s charity has supported Conductive Education in Sussex for many years, initially with the School for Parents at Ingfield Manor. Last year this support was removed in anticipation of expanding services in new premises, and the charity, Scope, is now supporting Ingfield Manor.

The Dame Vera Lynn Children’s Charity  has now moved into the new separate accommodation and plans to run a variety of services for the under- 5s with cerebral palsy- including Conductive Education – from there.

Dame Vera’s charity moves as 100th birthday nears

More information and contact details can be found on the website at


Also announced is a special concert at the London Palladium to celebrate Dame Vera’s 100th birthday and her amazing career, whilst raising funds for her charity.













New Conductive Education services for US

A new year starts today and I am pleased to be able to let you know about some new services for children provided by Second Chance CE that will start in March 2017.

Second Chance CE was primarily set up to offer Conductive Education Sessions for Adults in the Massachusetts and New England areas. However after receiving numerous requests by parents looking for CE services in the area for their young children, we are pleased to announce that we will also be offering Regular CE Sessions for Toddlers and Children, starting March 2017.

Those interested can attend one of the free meetings with Maria Heine arranged  from  January 10th – January 18th.


For further information please go to



Webchat now available on Conductive Education centre website

Technology marches forward at a tremendous rate improving our access to each other, making it possible to communicate quickly and easily. Today a Google alert informed me that, Heel and Toe, a centre in the UK has just launched a webchat box on its website.


This has been in development since March and :

The main aim is to allow visitors to their website to interact with a live human being. In addition, the webchat increases the profile of the charity and makes them money as well – but it does so with a difference.

This will enable Heel and Toe charity to interact with visitors to its website and result in potential successful outcomes for the charity.  Those wishing to know more will be able to ask via the webchat box. The cost of this venture is nil for the charity as a local business is sponsoring it for them. A definite win win situation!

As far as I can tell this is the first CE centre to set up such a service.

Further information can be found at the centre’s website


New Conductive Education centre on the cards for New Zealand

A friend has forwarded a Google news alert to me about a new initiative for Conductive Education in New Zealand. Craig Nielsen, parent of a child with cerebral palsy hopes to establish a new centre at Taranaki, a region in the North West of North Island.


He says:

“We want to establish a centre or a facility that can deal with children from birth or a young age through to include their school age,” he said.

There are currently three families travelling to Hamilton. “We know of, through our research, between six and 12 that could use a centre here. That’s why we want to try and find others in the community that we don’t know of.”

I wish the best of luck to all concerned.

Football Team Owner Helps Local Conductive Education Centre

Over the last year or two some Conductive Education centres have struggled to keep going. One such  centre  in the UK , Legacy Rainbow House,


has been named charity partner for the local football team, Preston North End which has been a big boost financially.



The Legacy Rainbow House was

… in a sorry state.
Newly-appointed chief executive Carol Cochrane explains: “Ten weeks ago this was a building site. The organisation didn’t have a chief exec, the staff were on short pay, and weren’t sure of their future.”
Thanks to the generosity of Mr Hemmings and his associates, Legacy Rainbow House has now finished off – and opened – a brand new building.

In these difficult financial times some centres must be finding it difficult to maintain the services they offer and the number of staff needed, so it is good to hear that one centre has been helped to carry for the moment.


Good luck to them and all those in similar positions.

Rainbow Centre 25th Anniversary

Conductive Education centres are popping up all the time and quite a few seem to pop down again fairly quickly, not having the necessary ingredients to keep going, so its good to hear when one has real staying power. The Rainbow Centre, Fareham, UK has just celebrated its 25th anniversary.


This is certainly good news especially as this time last year it was very near closure due to lack of funds, but managed to raise the required amount in time and turn things around.

Good luck  to those involved for the future – keep up the good work!

Centre in Norfolk has now closed

The centre  that I mentioned a few posts ago


which was under threat of closure, closed  at lunchtime on 12 February as reported by ITV news yesterday.


Parents and staff  have set up a  Fundraising campaign at


So far they have raised £9,870.   £90,000 a year is needed to keep the centre going.

Good news for Conductive Education centre at start of 2015

Yesterday I received an alert for a news item about the Rainbow Centre in  Fareham, Hampshire, UK.  Last year funding for this centre was urgently required to keep it operating and  £150,000 was successfully raised.


The latest newspaper report states:

The Rainbow Centre stood on the brink of closure within weeks unless it could find £150,000 after funding reached desperate levels.

But now it is celebrating its 25th anniversary year after the public answered its call for help.

The future is now looking much brighter but as experienced by  other centres worldwide, there is a need to keep the fundraising going all the time.

The charity now has a reserve fund of £105,000 – enough to cover the charity for two months.

It needs £12,500 a week to cover costs and at its lowest point the charity was bringing £7,500 – now it has an average weekly income of £17,500.

Since the launch of the appeal 38 per cent of what the charity needs in income is guaranteed to come in.

Good luck to them, and all the other centres too.

Expansion for centre in Florida


It is always great to have some good news to report and I received a Yahoo alert today with exactly that.

Conductive Education Center of Orlando, Florida has a bigger, better, new building that is three times larger than the previous one.


This centre, opened in 2001,  is one of those that has managed to keep going for thirteen years and looks like continuing to do so. Its supporters have  made sure that

The new school was tailor-made for CECO at no cost by a group of local builders, vendors and donors.


Bathrooms feature stalls the size of walk-in showers, with room for wheelchairs and supportive equipment. Doors are designed with buttons or handles that the students can operate them. And classroom floors include both tile and carpet so students can get used to moving on different surfaces.

The extra space also means the school can expand its after school and summer programs and establish a program for young adults.

Congratulations to all concerned!

New entries on the Workplace map

Over the past couple of weeks I have received information about several new ventures by conductors in the UK. These are

Conductive Education Bristol,

Next Hills, Winchester,

 Marbles Movement and Learning, Maidenhead, Surrey.

New provision of CE is good news indeed in these tough financial times and I hope there will be more to come, not just in the UK,  but worldwide.

Having the information means I can update the map and let everyone know, so please do email me details of any new service provision as and when it starts.