Who cares?

I have been following the powerful accounts and comments of Norman, Andrew, Judit and Emma re the awful lack of care, consideration and rights of the disabled, not only in the community, but also in the interpretation of the law. I wondered what organisations had already been established that are, or might be able, to fight to change the current status quo and below is a list of what I have found after a short search today on the internet. Perhaps contacting these might generate some coordinated action. Or maybe that is a bit naive of me as this issue is not a simple one and has always been there like the elephant in the room.

There is not as much as I would have expected but a more prolonged search may produce more. If anyone knows of others please let me know and they can be added to the list.

Carers UK

Offers a free newsletter . It has launched a survey:

Following the Government’s announcement that it intends to ban discrimination against carers Carers UK have launched a survey to gather evidence of carer discrimination. Add your story to our ‘discrimination dossier’ to make sure carers get new protections’

Princess Royal Trust for Carers

Also offers a free newsletter and discussion boards.

Patients UK

Lists a variety of organisations connected with care

Disability Awareness in Action

This is an international organisation, set up in 1992, fighting for the rights of the disabled. Rachel Hurst, its director, has written a passionate statement on disability rights which can be found at


A British charity originally set up to support those with cerebral palsy