brain injury

Brain injuries on TV tonight

I have just found out that tonight on BBC2 there is a programme on recovering from brain injury and I thought this may be of interest.

It is called Louis Theroux: a different brain and will be broadcast at 9pm.  The reporter meets people recovering from brain injuries, spending time at Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust, discovering the challenges they face.

More information about the Trust can be found at

If you miss it you should be able to catch up on BBC i player, still freely available via computers and tablets for 30 days.

My new brain – a programme not to be missed

My new brain is the title of a TV programme being broadcast  on Wednesday 25 August by Channel 4 at 9pm. This tells the story of a young man, Simon, now 20 years old,  who had an accident resulting in severe head injury. He came out of a coma with poor memory and concentration, erratic speech and unable to organise himself, very like a 4 year old.

The cameras have followed his rehabilitation resulting in a tribute to those who cared for and helped him, especially his family, through this life changing episode of  Simon’s life