Prices rising in the second hand market

Every now and again I look at second hand books on Conductive Education available via the internet and after seeing Andrew’s posting yesterday, decided to see what I could find.

I was amazed to see a copy of Hari and Akos’ Conductive Education for over £2,000!  This morning I checked it again and the price has been revised to £302.76 plus £11.39 postage to be sent from US to UK.

Still a large amount.

Other copies are available for £40 plus. More realistic, I would think.

On the other hand, some titles e.g. Conductive Education: a system for overcoming motor disorder, or Dina  are going for pennies.

JustBooks searches a variety of second-hand book sites and this produces an interesting collection at a variety of prices. Hari and Akos are included up to £3,000 + on Amazon in France and Italy.,RTw,S,Ahw1igaAfFXg_2670014168_1:1827:6973&bq=author%3Dmaria%2520hari%26title%3Dconductive%2520education

Is anyone will to pay such big sums?  I doubt it.

New book about Conductive Education


Eine Geschichte nach einem Schlaganfall in Wort und Bild
(A post stroke story in words and pictures)
Waltraud Heussinger
Nürnberg: Conductor Nürnberg
10 euros (£8.50)

Conductor Nürnberg has just published a new book in the series Conductive Lifestyles.

A lady who had a stroke relates her experiences and explains what a difference the discovery of Conductive Education has made to her life and this book, edited and introduced by Susie Mallett,  is copiously illustrated with coloured photos taken by her husband. The story is told in German with parallel English translation by Susie providing what I believe is the first book by an adult recording her experiences. It makes very interesting reading.

As Conductor Nürnberg  is based in Germany I am acting as Susie’s UK postwoman and therefore I have some copies. If you wish to purchase a copy, please email her at

with your details and she will invoice you, send me your UK address and I will post a copy to you. This will be much cheaper and quicker than sending it from Germany.

I also  still have a few copies of  CN’s first book Tell me a Story you can purchase too see

Again, email Susie re ordering and payment.

Where can I buy books on Conductive Education ?

There is not much published on Conductive Education  and it is not easy to obtain books through booksellers on the High Street, but I have managed to find several sources for purchasing books on Conductive Education via the Internet.

Some are new and some are second-hand and are listed below.

New books

Conductive Education Press has three titles available for purchase [see links in right hand sidebar]

Just do it!
Internationalising Conductive Education
Intelligent love
Go to for further details

Foundation for Conductive Education has a number of titles –

Maria Hari and her conductive pedagogy 
Looking back, looking forward
Contact for details

Susie Mallett has published one title –

Let me tell you a story
Go to for further details and order information

Peto Institute sells a number of titles – too many to list here – on Conductive Education and other relevant subjects, produced by themselves and also other publishers. A complete list can be found at and contact the Librarian for details.

Second hand books

A number of titles at a variety of prices are available on searching for Conductive Education
at :

Amazon –

Abe books –

Barnes and Noble –

Conductive Education books at the World Congress

Several people have asked me if it will be possible to buy books published by Conductive Education Press at the Congress.
We have made Conductive Education Press publications easily accessible from anywhere in the world and deliverable to your door at the click of a mouse.

CEP is a publisher and not a bookseller with premises and a physical stall.

Single copies of the titles will be available to look at during the Congress and a leaflet to take away containing information about all titles. I believe there may be information about a book from the Peto Institute available in the same way, Susie Mallett is working on a pamphlet, and there may be others too.

Usually at conferences books are available to order, rather than purchase there and then. A catalogue or titles may be available to look at and a form provided to complete to obtain copies. Sometimes there are copies available to buy, but not often; for instance, if the congress is being held in the home country of the  publisher it would be possible to take multiple copies to sell – perhaps SAHK will do this with their publications.  No airline luggage restrictions for them!

By the way, feedback from all of you who obtain and read copies would be very welcome.
It looks as though 2010 will see the publication of at least four titles on Conductive Education, quite an achievement!

Where can I get books on Conductive Education?

I was sent an email this week asking about the book Susie mentions in a comment on Andrew’s blog about spina bifida Dr.Erika Medveczky’s book published, I think, in 2006 is Conductive Education as an educational method of neurorehabilitation. Budapest: Peto Institute. ISBN963 229 819 5This particular book, in Hungarian or English, is only available from the Peto Inbstitute. Although they no longer have a list of publications on their website, the library holds stock, can supply items and would, I am sure, let you know what else is still in print that they can supply.
Contact balogh.margit@peto.huUnfortunately I, personally, do not have books on CE for sale, but can suggest where to go.

Some titles can be ordered from the Foundation for Conductive Education and include:

Akos, K. and Akos, M. (1991) Dina. Birmingham: Foundation for Conductive Education

Maguire, G. and Sutton, S., ed. (2004) Maria Hari on conductive pedagogy. Birmingham: Foundation for Conductive Education.

 Maguire, G. and Nanton, V., ed. (2005) Looking back and looking forward. Birmingham: Foundation for Conductive Education.

All three titles should be available via Amazon too. The Foundation also has a number of other titles in their catalogue produced in the 1990s and I suggest you contact them for availability. These include: Come wind come weather 

The transitional years A different outlook 

The Foundation may also hold copies of Adult Conductive Education; a practical guide for sale. Copies of all titles mentioned here should also be accessible to users and members of the National Library of Conductive Education. If anyone knows of new titles published on Conductive Education please let me know. Details of any I hear about will be posted on this blog.