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Copies of new book, Genesis, now available

After all the celebrations of Christmas and New Year it is now time to get back to reading again! I have some copies of Conductive Education Press’s latest title, Genesis, to dispose of.
This book tells something of what Tsad Kadima has done in Israel, and what this has achieved. It recounts something of the process of creating the ‘Tsad Kadima family’, which has developed over the years in a manner unique within the world of Conductive Education. This includes the vital matter of sustainability, Tsad Kadima demonstrating the potential for national Conductive Education systems to reproduce themselves and evolve for the benefit of generations to come.
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Copies are for sale at £5 each, plus £1.50 postage and packing for the UK, and  plus £3.70 for Europe.
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Conductive Education Press Sale Ending Soon

There are only a few days left of this Conductive Education Press sale. Prices have been reduced by a third and this must end at midnight of 7 October.

See below for details:

Pető Studies

Original source material for presentations, assignments, dissertations, and private reflection – the only centralised resource yet for exploring who he was, and what he did and said
András Pető
Published 2012
Still the only book available on the mysterious founder of Conductive Education, with some of his own writings including examples of his poetry

CE Quotationary of András Pető and his Conductive Education
Published 2013
307 quotations by and about András Pető – some unexpected insights!

Library of Conductive Education

Contemporary writings from the modern world of Conductive Education, by families, conductors and others, with a broad variety of personal perspectives
Just do it!

Published 2009

Young conductors report their early experiences, working on five continents

Internationalising Conductive Education

Published 2010
First-hand accounts of developing Conductive Education services in eight countries

Intelligent Love

Published 2010
Parents’ action for Conductive Education around the world: in their families, setting up services, and in the political arena

Last Year in Hong Kong

Published 2011
Reflections upon Oriental Conductive Education, following the 7th World Congress, in Hong Kong

Never never quit

Published 2013

Memories of Conductive Education experienced as a child at the Pető Institute in the late 1980s.


Books are in English

Ordering copies

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Remember, this sale closes

Wednesday 7 October

Discount on CEP books available now

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New discount on Conductive Education Press books now available

I was just about to blog about another good offer for Conductive Education Press books as there is  25% off all titles until 13 December, using the code 12SANTA at the checkout.
  Then I saw that Andrew has beaten me to it. Therefore I will just give you a taster of his posting and a link to it.

His latest posting starts:

Read how András Pető developed his method, cut through the myth, and perhaps find things not quite as many imagine them. You may then join those who puzzle about who András Pető really was.
Read Bob Dent’s book review from the Budapest Times (both book and review are in English):
You can read the rest of his post at
Books can be ordered by going to store/cepress and making your selection.
Enjoy, and don’t forget to let us know what you think about it.

SALE ON ALL BOOKS FROM CEP – 30% off if you are quick!

I am very pleased to say that the problem with accessing Conductive Education Press’ pages on Blurb has now been resolved.

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