Writing about Conductive Education

I have written many times about the need to write about Conductive Education to explain, educate and discuss the subject. It is particularly important for conductors to do so and this week I discovered that a recently qualified British Conductor, Ceri Winfield has been attempting this via her blog on the website for her services, Conductive Care.

Ceri graduated and qualified as a conductor in 2015 via the National Institute of Conductive Education,with a first class honours degree and the Brian Fraser Prize for Conductive Pedagogy. She has been providing services near Fareham, Hampshire since then and has been writing on her blog since May 2016.

Postings are short but succinct and should be of interest to those wishing to know about Conductive Education, providing a good introduction.

Let’s hope others will follow suit.

URLs for Conductive Education blog and virtual catalogue

Nearly two years ago hackers got into my Conductive Education Information blog at and the virtual library catalogue at, making it impossible for me to access them.

Consequently, these two locations are now no longer anything to do with me and I have not added or removed any postings for a long time now,  it is impossible for me to do so.

Why the hackers did this I have no idea, I assume just for the fun of it.

All blog postings have been copied and transferred to this location and the virtual library catalogue was moved to e-conduction’s website in 2010 at

Over the weekend I had a notification from Google that my URL was due for renewal and after thinking long and carefully about this I have decided that I will let it go and not renew it.

This blog has its own URL as can be seen above this posting, and the catalogue is accessible via E-CONDUCTION.

All  those of you who have links to the old URLs please remove them and replace with :

for the Virtual Library

and this blog

It is a shame about this new blog on Conductive Education

Over the past twenty years or so I have observed Conductive Education practice, read books and articles, watched films and talked to conductors.

Recently a  new website has appeared on the Internet  and this doesn’t fit in with what I have learnt about Conductive Education in that time. All sorts of bits seem to have been cut and pasted in with no thought of copyright or even relevance.

This website is full of  drivel about CE and therefore spoils CE’s reputation whilst misleading those who want to learn. It looks to be of US origin and I wonder what those who have fought and worked hard to establish CE in the US think about this site, which seems to be mainly there as a platform for all sorts of adverts.

Norman Perrin says it all very succinctly on his blog


I absolutely agree.




Libraries, what are they for?

 Ever since I was a child I have used libraries for pleasure and information. Most people of my age that I know do the same. But how many other people actually know what they are for, and use them for this? Even students seem to struggle at times.

  • Libraries are depositories of information which is organised and arranged to make retrieval as easy and quick as possible.
  • Their contents are listed in a catalogue which can be searched to indicate whether and where information is stored.
  • Librarians are professional people trained in organising such information, helping users find what they want and establishing the location of such material in their own library – or elsewhere.

This is put beautifully in this excerpt from Libraries are Essential:

 There is much more to doing real research than typing a few words into a search engine such as Google. Librarians are trained to do high-level research, which supports scientists, doctors, lawyers, professors, writers, government officials, and other important professionals every single day. Without the aide of librarians, all of these people would be making decisions without having all of the relevant knowledge they need on their topics.

Conductive Education libraries

 Libraries and librarians may seem an easy target when financial cuts are to be made, which means that valuable resources are not being exploited to the full. Conductive Education publications are limited in number and new, accurate material can be hard to find. Five years ago the Foundation for Conductive Education decided that it could no longer prioritise the expertise of a professional librarian for its library and recently the Pető Institute lost its librarian (I do not know whether a replacement has yet been appointed. Would not this be public information deserving of prioritisation?). Who is maintaining and developing these libraries now?

 I do not know.

SAHK in Hong Kong has a library but I do not think it is open access as the others are. A few years ago a ‘mobile’ library was established to be used by all the conductors and centres in New Zealand. Again I do not know if that is still a going concern.

As far as I know there are no other collections of any size other than personal ones.

The Virtual Library of Conductive Education

 In 2009 I started collecting information on items on the Internet and catalogued the details in the Virtual Library catalogue. This now  has a new format and an updated help page.Yesterday I spent time entering further details of material available on line into this catalogue.

I will post occasional lists of yet more items added here on this blog.

Other sources of information

Information about Conductive Education is now accessible via e-conduction’s website which acts as a knowledge portal leading people to blogs, books, unpublished material, and conductors’ workplaces:

Previous postings on libraries and information:





Visitors keep coming!

Since the announcement of the new home for this blog after being hacked,  I have been keeping track of the visitor numbers.

When the blog went live the counter read 114,766 (this total was transferred from the old location) and now reads 118,423 which means there have been 3,657 page hits since 15 January.

This is a real surprise and makes me think it was worth spending a lot of time over the past two weeks transferring 340 posts across from the old location.

So please do give me feedback on future (and past) posts.

A phoenix from the ashes

A new year should be the start of something new and good but 2014 brought me the complete opposite. Someone has seen fit to hack my blog at and changed the email linked to my Google account from mine to something different. Consequently I have been unable to access my blog to make any changes, add new postings etc, and it now has all sorts of adverts showing all over it.

 I was devastated. What should I do? What could I do?

I contacted Ben Foulger, who runs his own IT consultancy, and asked his help. Ben made a search for me and established that someone in Morocco had hacked in. There was nothing else he could do, so the only course was to contact Google’s product forum. This produced no help or satisfaction.

 But a new temporary site was set up at Ben’s suggestion, and I have spent quite a lot of time transferring posts from the old blog to the new one. There is still some way to go and not all old posts will be included, just the informational, factual and ̶dare I say ̶ useful ones. All news, fundraising items and ephemeral posts have been left out and remain where they are. An archive of news items will be compiled at a later date and posted separately.

 It is still possible to access the blog at and the new ‘contributors’ can be found at the bottom and are Paul Smith and hicham rw whoever they may be, nothing to do with Conductive Education I am sure. But when the fee for this URL needs renewing, I will not do so and the blog will disappear. The only way of consulting the original postings will then be via the archive of the Way Back Machine at

 Working through the blog in this way is an interesting (though daunting) exercise and makes me realise what a lot of factual solid information about the history, literature and events in Conductive Education have been posted. I am still wondering how useful people find this as I still get virtually no feedback.

 For the foreseeable future the new, revised Conductive Education Information will be found here on Conduction’s website :


This solution would not have been possible without the expertise and encouragement of Ben Foulger. I cannot thank him enough for all his help. Anyone who needs IT help, website design or advice, should consult him at


Illegitimi non carborundum


Snippets and memories about Mária Hári on the Internet

 After including the bibliography of Mária Hári in the Conduction website Depository  at
 I thought it might be worth searching the Internet for other shorter virtual pieces about her. The list below is the result which is  rather disappointing as there are few contributors.
I was not able to find anything on the Pető  Institute website at all.
If I have missed anything, please do let me know and then I can include it.

Anon (2001) Obituary in Nursery World

Borbely, A. (n.d.) Dr. Maria Hari
Mallett, S. (2010) Thinking about or remembering

Mallett, S. (2010) Maria Hari on conductive pedagogy

Mallett, S. (2011) Remembering Dr Maria Hari

Mallett, S. (2011) Making the rounds at the PAI

Perrin, N. (2010) Remembering Dr Hari

Sutton, A. (2006) Notes towards a history of Conductive Education

Sutton, A. (2008) Maria Hari on Conductive Education

Sutton, A. (2009) Maria Hari at the Palace of Westminster

Sutton, A. (2010) A Doktornő – a pedagógus

Sutton, A. (2010) One of Maria’s favourites

Sutton, A. (2010) Remember Maria

Sutton, A. (2010) Mention of Maria strikes a chord

Sutton, A. (2010) Hari, Nietsche,Kant, Sinatra memento mori – memento vitae

Sutton, A. (2010) Emlékezés [translation in to Hungarian of Nietsche,Kant, Sinatra memento mori – memento vitae

Sutton, A. (2011) Turning in the grave

Sutton, A. (2011) Maria Hari in her prime

Sutton, A. (2011) A night at the theatre

Sutton, A. (2011) Hariana 5 – Speaking out – what is and what is not CE?

Sutton, A. (2011) Hariana 6 – Disciples awake -provide the means to touch others

Sutton, A.(2011) Hariana 7 – Obituaries – I marked it my way

Sutton, A. (2011) On Hari – and Peto

The Conductive Post – a new service up and running

Conduction, think tank for the world of Conductive Education, has decided to bring

together online resource bases for those who use or seek to understand Conductive Education, those who work in it or help provide it, and anybody ‘outside’ who just wants to know.


As part of this aim, a few days ago a new service started for those interested in keeping up with blog postings on Conductive Education.

The Conductive Post has been created on Conduction’s website at

and this has  links to all the latest postings from various Conductive Education blogs in one place. The name of the blog and the first couple of sentences are shown in columns just like a newspaper, and a quick click on the picture above these, will take you to the blog so you can read the whole posting. The latest posting is always first, as the date shows.

Go and have a look.

This is the work of Andrew Sutton and Ben Foulger developed from an original idea from Ben. It is a wonderful service allowing access to the blogs from one place and gives a quick overall picture of current topics of interest to the bloggers. The blogs concerned are still  ‘owned’ by the bloggers, all the Conductive Post does is link to them.

One feature of the Conductive Post is the guest blogger column. This will contain postings by those who do not have a blog of therir own but would like to post now and again. This should make some interesting reading.

Why not have a go and submit a posting ?

All change!

For some time I have been concerned about the name of this blog. Things have changed since its set-up and the name ‘Library’ is no longer appropriate.

A library is a collection of organised, accessible, catalogued material and other information. While I was the Librarian and had access to Conductive Education material in the National Library of Conductive Education, and its catalogue at the National Institute of Conductive Education, ‘library’ seemed a logical name for a blog intended to promote this collection.

That situation no longer applies.

The post of Librarian was made redundant. I left taking with me what only I had learnt (in my head), my ‘knowledge’ of the literature, the history, the people etc, and now rely on this, my memory and the Internet when posting information.

I am continuing my blog on a voluntary and independent basis because I believe in the cause, I know that this cause desperately requires a service of this kind, and anyway I enjoy it.
This blog has had no connection with the Foundation for Conductive Education since March. Nor, as far as I know, does the Foundation desire such contact.

This blog is a private venture. Therefore I have decided to re-name it, Conductive Education Information, to reflect its purpose more accurately.

There will also be a change in URL, but there is no need for regular readers to change their bookmark or alert settings, as Blogger will automatically make redirection to the new Internet address.

The National Library of Conductive Education is still there, so if you have any requirements for bibliographic or other information please contact either

or myself