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North America Conductive Education Awareness Day

This Awareness Day took place on 19 February and a pack of helpful information for those wishing to participate was advertised  on ACENA’s website at

and some centres and Facebook pages mentioned the Day and their activities, e.g.

Over the past week I have been unable to find any reports of these events, or any others, in the media. No features, photos, or articles have been found. Perhaps there are some which have not made it to the Internet and therefore not shown up in my searches.

Perhaps they will feature later so I will check again next week and let you know if I find anything.

Conductive Education Awareness Events 2015

There will be a National Awareness Day in North America on February 19th. This will be the sixth year for the event –  now  a regular date on the calendar.

See the following links for more details

I have also discovered that the UK is having a similar event but it will last a  week and runs from  7-14 March.  Events are in the planning stage as stated on CEPEG’s Facebook page.

I can no other mentions of it on the Internet so far.


It will be interesting to see what events are reported in the media in both cases.

Conductive Education Day in North America 2013

ACENA has announced the date for next year’s Conductive Education Day in North America. This is 21st February.

ACENA says:

The 4th “National Conductive Education Day” will be celebrated on Thursday, February 21, 2013! This day is a great opportunity to increase awareness of Conductive Education and promote your program locally.

Once again this year, ACENA will be offering its members a customizable Campaign Kit. In addition, the kit is one of the new Center Membership benefits. It is designed to help your advocacy work, and includes eight files:

a cover letter from ACENA’s president;

a detailed guide of how to use the campaign kit documents;

templates for a letter to editors, proclamation request, testimonials, and press release; and,

a pamphlet and poster that promotes CE.

Further information can be found at

North America Conductive Education Awareness Day 2011

I have left it a week to make sure all items have been spotted but if I have missed any, do let me know.

It is a shame that there has not been many, even less than last year and only a couple of centres dominate those reports – see below.
Announcement of the Day
Susie wished everyone a good day on her blog
Information about the day’s activities for Conductive Education Learning Center
Announcement of the day made in the Fall 2010, newsletter from March of Dimes
Television coverage in Michigan
Newsletter of the Conductive Education Center in Orlando, Florida, announces the Day
Anne Wittig posts a blog wishing all a good Awareness Day and reports her attempts to get the media interested.
Statement about the Day on Peto Institute website

If anymore come in I will add them to the list and blog it.

North America Conductive Education Awareness Day 2011

Today is Conductive Education Awareness Day in North America. Andrew Sutton blogged its imminence earlier this month

and I hope it has gone well for all concerned.

Over the next few days  I will be looking for items about it on the Internet, just as I did last year. Most items found then referred to just three centres, so I hope there is more coverage this time, especially accurate and pertinent information.

We will see.

Conductive Education Awareness Day – how did it go?

Conductive Education Awareness Day in North America took place on Thursday 25th February. I posted a blog before this with links to the few mentions I had found in the Internet.

How did it go?

Well, I have found a few more links after searching today. No doubt a Thursday was chosen for the ‘Day’ as it would be good time of the week to get coverage in the media, but not as much materialised as was hoped, I imagine, but perhaps there will be more appearing over the next few days or so.

Most of the links below refer to Grand Rapids, and just one to the Pittsburgh center. As more than 40 centers were taking part this must be very disappointing.

There are videos and references to Grand Rapids Conductive Education learning center at,Item,36028862151892290.html

Various links to these TV items plus a radio interview can be found at
Lists a number of links re the Awareness Day

Mention of CE awareness Day amongst other campaigns.
This had a picture ( no longer accessible) and some text you have to register to read.
A parent, whose child appeared in one of the TV reports blogs the event.
Press release by March of Dimes, Canada
Mention in Pittsburgh TV report of Steps to Independence center.

I hope these links will still be ‘live’ when you try them as I have found that some e.g. the North West Signal piece, have already been taken down.

If there are others not included in this list, please let me know and I will add them.

Conductive Education Awareness Day

Thursday 25 February has been designated Conductive Education Awareness Day in North America by ACENA (Association for Conductive Education in North America), see

which states:

This day will provide CE Centers everywhere the opportunity to focus on their successes, publicize their programs, inform the general public, build legitimacy, gain political support, increase client base, and drive funders to the Conductive Education cause. A CE Awareness Day Campaign Kit that provides customizable press releases, proclamation letters for local and state government, Conductive Education stats and facts, sample advertisements with a common message, and a post-campaign evaluation has been sent to all ACENA members.

I have found several other references to it on the Internet.,1607,7-168-25488_54480-231631–,00.html

There have been other awareness days and weeks in the past which have had a limited effect, so I would love to know how successful this venture proves to be and how many of the 40 centres mentioned in the March of Dimes newsletter used the campaign kit.In the meantime I hope the day is productive, that awareness is raised successfully and Conductive Education is shown to be a wonderful educational system and not just another therapy.