Nice news story from Australia today

Conductive Education and Future Footprints, a centre in Australia established by Eszter Agocs in 2009, is the subject of a long article by ABC News Online today.

It concentrates on the ‘fringe element’ of Conductive Education and reports the story of a child, Chloe, with cerebral palsy attending Future Footprints. Chloe began attending at the age of two and has now started school with her twin sister who does not have cerebral palsy. Her mother, a physiotherapist, says

“Through her hard work and her determination in her therapy, she has been able to do a lot more than was first hoped for her when she was diagnosed

 Its a shame that the use of the word ‘therapy’ is used to describe Conductive Education, but this is a  nice feel good story .


Research results reveal new cause of cerebral palsy

In the news today I have read that scientists in Australia have found a link between cerebral palsy and genetic mutation after 20 years of research.

The report states:

A trial …has found that a large number of cerebral palsy cases are caused by a genetic mutation.

 It challenges the long-held belief that the condition is caused by a lack of oxygen during pregnancy or at birth.

 Now researchers have found at least 14 per cent of cerebral palsy cases are likely to have been caused by a genetic mutation

The research was carried out at the Robinson Institute, University of Adelaide.

First Australian to train to be a conductor in UK

I saw this post on Ruth Wales’ (nee Stange) Facebook page  about an exciting piece of news for Australia. An assistant at Carson Street School, Western Australia has been accepted onto the conductor training course at the National Institute of Conductive Education in Birmingham, UK for September 2015.

The media release posted by Ruth says:


Jessica Cornelius, an Education Assistant at Carson Street School, has just been accepted to train at the National Institute of Conductive Education in Birmingham, UK.

Jessica will be the very first Australian to train as a Conductor. This is a huge commitment and the School is very proud of her achievement.

Carson Street School is the State’s only Education Support Primary School and the only school in WA to provide the unique program of Conductive Education.

Qualified Conductor Status (QCS), which is a worldwide recognised professional qualification and enables graduates to be employed as a Conductor. In addition to QCS, graduates receive an honours degree in Conductive Education.


I have not been able to track down a link for it on the Internet. There is no mention of it  on Carson Street school’s website that I can find either.


Good luck to Jessica!




Funding for Conductive Education in Australia in the news

I have just returned from a week way to discover quite a bit has been happening in Conductive Education, and in particular, the row about the funding of the services provided at Carson Street School in Australia.
Withdrawal of funding from the government was announced due to the conclusion of a report on the system and a number of parents protested. This was followed by a report of ‘doctoring’ of the report and finally today an announcement that the funding will continue after all.

I have collected together the links to these stories on the Internet for those interested and they appear below.
Parents protest at withdrawal of funds for school in Australia
Education Minister to review withdrawal of funds in Australia
Minister is accused of doctoring report on CE in Australia
Minister announces that funding will now continue for Carson Street in Australia
More on doctoring of report.
‘Doctoring’ of report may be investigated.

Andrew Sutton has also blogged these developments.

Thank you Claire…and congratulations

Over the years I have got know the names of those who have become involved in Conductive Education in a variety of ways. For example, some are conductors, some parents,  some professionals, and some who now ‘use the principles’ of Conductive Education.
In Hong Kong I met a lady whose name I had known for many years. I knew that she had gone to Budapest with her child and then become actively involved in trying to bring CE to Australia – Claire Cotter, parent, occupational therapist and Honorary Conductor.
Claire gave me two videos of  historical interest, videos of the 1991 Australian conference containing presentations by Maria Hari, amongst others. These are now part of my growing library and very important additions.
Thank you very much, Claire, these will be preserved and made available to others in the future.
Whilst preparing this blog I came across a news item about her reporting an award she had received from the  Victorian State Government in Australia  for her work helping “those with disabilities participate in their communities”.
Claire is the first recipient of the Victorian Disability Sector’s leadership award for all her hard work.
She founded the Cerebral Palsy Education Center, which is staffed by physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists and receives input from a conductor.

Hearty congratulations, Claire, and thanks again for the videos.
It was lovely to meet you!