Archive collection – first major donation




Some time ago I posted an appeal for people to send me any material connected to Conductive Education that is no longer required. The first such personal archive has now been delivered to me with the help of my niece who works in the courier business. Thank you, Dee.
This week I received two large boxes weighing 24 kg each, full of the notes, papers and handouts from the Pető Institute ( in English and Hungarian) collected by Robert Sorenyi when he studied there during 1989-1993, and a number of books, journals, and photocopies also used in his studies. Also included were some videos relating to the filming of the BBC documentaries broadcast in the late 1980s, along with the results of Robert’s personal research into the life of Pető. He had intended to write a full biography but he did not manage to find the time after he started working. Perhaps one day!
In the meantime Robert has given permission for a brief biographical sketch found in one of the boxes to be included in a book that Conductive Education Press is currently putting together.
This is a wonderful collection of material highlighting a period in Conductive Education’s history, documenting what was taught to trainee conductors and what was known at the time that had been published.

It will kept safe whilst being accessible, as requested by Robert.

If anyone else wishes personal archives preserved in the same way, please do get in touch with me.