Anniversary of Mária Hári’s death

It is ten years ago today since Mária Hári died of spinal cancer in Budapest.

I only met her once very briefly at Heathrow Airport on the way to Budapest, but was present at the Birmingham Institute of Conductive Education when she presented the diplomas to the graduating English conductors in 1992.


Mária Hári started working with András Pető as a volunteer helper after the Second World War and worked closely with him as he developed Conductive Education. On his death in 1967 Dr Hári succeeded him as director of the Institute, a post she held until her retirement in 1993. During her career she wrote widely on Conductive Education in several languages besides her native Hungarian.
A bibliography of her work is now up in the Depository of the Virtual Library on Conduction’s website and this includes unpublished papers, books, articles and conference presentations   in English, French and Hungarian.
 I believe all items mentioned are available in the National Library of Conductive Education or the Hári Mária  Library at the Peto Institute. English translations only from the National Library of Conductive Education.