Anne Wittig

New Conductive Education school for Canada

A newspaper in Canada reported on Friday that a new school, the  Purpose School of Conductive Learning, will open in the autumn in British Columbia.

It has taken 10 years to achieve this objective  and the head conductor will be Anne Wittig, a  UK trained conductor,  and it will also have a teacher and assistants :

The school will be parent-driven, and there will be a fee for services as well. Esau will be joined by Forliti, who will be the teacher, and Wittig, who will be the main conductor. The three will be joined by assistants as it’s required.

Well done to all concerned and I hope it will be a great success.

New conductive school announced

A new venture in British Columbia, Canada has been announced for the autumn. Around 12 children will participate in an elementary school program which will be run by the Purpose Society with Anne-Christiane Wittig, of Moving Ahead conductive consultancy.

Congratulations to them all and I wish them the best of luck with this!

A few words of good cheer

I received a very welcome response to my blog about starting to collect together a Library, which I know will be useful for answering enquiries

Anne Wittig, a conductor writes:

Just a quick email saying Happy New Year and I do hope your personal library will grow. I do hope to get more books together and build more on my own. Anyhow, I just wanted to say thanks for setting up the Virtual Library. I browsed a bit on it today and its awesome. Love it. It definitely helps people like me, who are away from big relevant libraries. Thanks again.

I do not get much feed back especially some such as this – very heartening, Anne, thank you very much. and

Anne has recently started her own consultancy in British Columbia and also finds time to writes a blog. Do have a look at

So I am doubly pleased she has found time to contact me in this way.