Conductive Education for those with cerebral palsy after school age

Whenever I get a request for information which I cannot supply or put the enquirer in touch with someone who can, I feel disappointed.

Today I had such a request for a list of places offering CE to teenagers/adults with cerebral palsy. Whilst many centres and conductors do work with adults (but not necessarily those with cerebral palsy) as shown on the Where Conductors Work map,

it is not known if those with cerebral palsy are included under their adult umbrella.

I would like to ask all of you who do work with teenagers/adults with cerebral palsy to let me know so I can add you to the currently very short list I have.

A new book on Conductive Education

A new book on Conductive Education has been published independently by a conductor.

Written in English, Person-focused Rehabilitation: Exploring the Psychosocial Field of Conductive Education by Laszlo Szogeczki is now available on Amazon for Euros 23.43 and consists of 122 pages.

The posting about the book  states:

The Person-focused Rehabilitation, the psychosocial tools of Conductive Education (CE) will be a great interest to clinical psychologists, health psychologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, counsellors, physicians, rehabilitation nurses and rehabilitation service providers along to CE professionals. Service providers experience how important psychosocial factors are and this book, in part, shed light upon a model which can support the way of rehabilitation of people with physical disabilities and improve patients’ individual well-being and it is signifying to use more emotional intelligence strategies in rehabilitation.

New titles on Conductive Education are few and far between and it will be interesting to find out more about this one.  I am about to order a copy.

New guidelines for cerebral palsy

The National Institute for Clinical Excellence in the UK has published its first guidelines for cerebral palsy, concentrating on the causes and treatment.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) provides national guidance and advice to improve health and social care. In April 2013 NICE was  established in primary legislation, becoming a Non Departmental Public Body (NDPB) and placing it on a solid statutory footing as set out in the Health and Social Care Act 2012, accountable to the Government Department of Health.

The new guideline, “Cerebral palsy in under 25s: assessment and management,” covers diagnosing, assessing, and managing CP in children and young adults from birth to age 25. Its goal is to ensure that cerebral palsy patients receive the care and treatment they need so they can be as active and independent as possible.

A press release about the guidelines can be found at

Guidelines on adults with cerebral palsy is expected in early 2019 – quite a long time to wait.

New Conductive Education services for US

A new year starts today and I am pleased to be able to let you know about some new services for children provided by Second Chance CE that will start in March 2017.

Second Chance CE was primarily set up to offer Conductive Education Sessions for Adults in the Massachusetts and New England areas. However after receiving numerous requests by parents looking for CE services in the area for their young children, we are pleased to announce that we will also be offering Regular CE Sessions for Toddlers and Children, starting March 2017.

Those interested can attend one of the free meetings with Maria Heine arranged  from  January 10th – January 18th.


For further information please go to


Adult Conductive Education services in the UK

On Facebook today there was a request for information about CE services for those with Parkinson’s disease and I have spent a short time consulting the Workplace Map  for adult services at  centres in the UK.

The map is there to provide information about places conductors work world wide and includes  further details such as contact information, website etc and can be searched by  services, country and centre name.

There are a dozen places recorded on the map and these ( in no particular order) are:

National Institute – Birmingham, Cheltenham and Coventry

Szathmary Training and Consultancy

Megan Baker House

Cork Centre for Conductive Education

Step and Learn Conductive Education Centre

Independent Conductive Education Services

Paces Sheffield

Conductive Education Richmond Facebook:

CMSS Skills Development Centre

International Therapeutic Initiative UK

Rainbow Centre



If details or circumstances have changed I would be grateful if you let me know so I can amend the map.


Adult Conductive Education services in Hungary

I have been sent an up-to-date list of adult CE services in Hungary compiled by Mátyásiné Kiss Ágnes and as promised in an earlier blog

I am posting them here. The list sent to me is in Hungarian, so please forgive any missing or wrong accents as this computer does not have the relevant software, and if I have missed any or misunderstood, do let me know.
Please note only one has a website, but all have an email address for contact.


Mozgássérült Emberek Rehabilitációs Központja
1024 Budapest Marcibányi tér 3.
Website: or

Országos Orvosi Rehabilitácios Intezet
1024 Budapest,Szanatorium u.2.


GYSG Rehabilitácios KFT

1114 Budapest, Pillango utca 12.



Bács Kiskun Megyei Önkormá nyzat Konduktív Pedagógiai Intézete és Szakszolgálata
6400 Kiskunhalas Esze Tamá s Iakó telep 6.

Bács Kiskun Megyei Önkormá nyzat Pszichiátriai és Fogyaté kos Betegek Otthona

6400 Kiskunhalas Kõ rö si ú t 16

Városi Kórház Mozgósterápia-Konduktív Pedagógia Szakambulancia

6500 Baja, Ró kus u. 10.

Önkormá nyzat Képviselõ Testület Gondozási Központ

6066 Tiszaalpár, Dózsa Gy. u.71.

Mozgásszervi Rehabilitációs Központ
3400 Mezökövesd, Fülemü le ú t 1.
Email: mrkzsory@t-online.huHeves

Markhot Ferenc Negyei Kó rhá z é s Rendelõ inté zet Mozgá sszervi Rehabilitá ció s Osztá ly
3300 Eger, Szé chenyi u.27-29.

Komárom – Esztergom

Tatabánya Többcélú Kistérségi Társulás ESZI Szent György Otthon
2834 Tarjá n, Petõ fi S. u.16.


Szent Lázár Megyei Korház Felnott Rehabilitácios Osztály
3100 Salgotarján, Fuleki u.54-56.

Email: ildus.63@vipmail.huPest

Fõvárosi Önkormányzat Idosek Otthona
2100 Gödõllö , Dózsa Gy.u.65.
Email: mailto:bibcock@citromail.huSomogy

Egészségügyi Közhasznú Társaság Rendelö Intézet
8642 Fonyód, Szent István u.27.


Veszprém Megyei Egységes Pedagógiai Szakszolgálat
8300 Tapolca, Nagykö z u.1-3.


Kanizsai Dorottya Kórház Felnött Rehabilitációs Osztálya
8800 Nagykanizsa, Szekeres Jó zsef u. 2-8.

Honvédelmi Minisztérium Állami Eü -I Kp. Hévízi Mozgásszervi Rehabilitációs Intézete
8380 Hé viz, Ady Endre u. 31.

Internet, Adults and Conductive Education

What is available on the Internet to read and download? In particular, what is there for those wanting to find out more about the services available and the experiences of those who have made use of them?

There is not too much available but I hope that the links below will help those wanting to discover more.


In the UK

At the moment there are eleven centres in the UK offering services for adults.

Conductive Education Support Services, New Forest

Hereward College, Coventry

International Therapeutic Initiative UK, High Wycombe

Independent Conductive Education Services, Wirral

Megan Baker House, Leominster

Multiple Sclerosis Society, Wessex and West Branch, Cheltenham

National Institute of Conductive Education, Birmingham

PACE Centre, Aylesbury

Paces, Sheffield

Path for the Disabled, Exeter

Percy Hedley Foundation, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

QCET, Rotherham

Around the world

It is proving very hard finding out where CE is being offered for adults around the world. Here are services presently known. Information on others would be very much appreciated.


Spastics Centre of New South Wales, Sydney


March of Dimes Canada, Toronto

Movement Centre, Manitoba


I will post these when I have finished researching what is available.


Pető Institute, Budapest,

I am looking for more services in Hungary, any information?

New Zealand

Integrated Neurological Rehabilitation Foundation, Auckland


A previous post on this blog published the fascinating account by a lady in Australia whose life had been enriched by her Conductive Education sessions

An English conductor working in Germany posts her thoughts and experiences on her blog. These often include her work with adults and with teenagers ‘in transition’ to adulthood.

So far no blogs have been found written by adults or their families on their experiences of Conductive Education. They might be out there. Please let me know if you know of any.

Videos on line

These focus on multiple sclerosis:

Personal experiences on line

There are several reports of adult experiences of Conductive Education on the Internet.

Library services

The National Library of Conductive Education’s blog has covered work with adults and will continue to feature it on occasions in the future.

On the Library page of the Foundation for Conductive Education’s website there is a bibliography entitled What Conductive Education has done for me. This lists published and unpublished materials by people with disabilities who have experienced Conductive Education, classified under Parkinson’s disease, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis and strokes.

Usual plea: if you know of any other items, please do let me know and I will add them to the lists.

Adult Conductive Education

After reading Laszlo’s blog about the advert for ‘new’ adult services at the Peto Institute advertised in a disability magazine

and Andrew’s response at

I checked my directory and realised that there is another adult centre they hadn’t mentioned. This is:

ITI UK based in Buckinghamshire

Although most items on Conductive Education tend to be about working with children, the library holds a growing literature on Conductive Education with adults including books, journal articles, conference papers, dissertations and unpublished papers too which document the growth and development of adult work all over the world.