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Further Items on Cerebral Palsy Report in the News

It is now a week since the report on cerebral palsy was published

I have been checking to see if news items about the report have been published since then. As far as I can establish there have only been two,  in  the local newspapers of Portsmouth and Leicester.

The Portsmouth Evening News  states

This would include nationally-agreed protocols around earlier diagnosis and intervention, improved awareness and training for health and education professionals, improved signposting and support for families and greater funding for research into cerebral palsy to improve outcomes. Now the government will work to  put these recommendations in place.

A very interesting  statement.

The  other, from  the MP for Loughborough in Leicestershire, Nicky Morgan, also Secretary of State for Education, is a note in her  column for the Leicester Mercury. She refers to her attendance at the reception for the Report and a Leicestershire CE centre, Steps and its work.

I have not received information about any others I may have missed, so I am assuming that that is probably it now.


Reports of Yesterday’s Launch of ACP’s Parliamentary Inquiry into Cerebral Palsy

Today I have been searching for reports of the launch of the report on Cerebral Palsy that I mentioned yesterday.

So far, I have managed to find the following from:

the PR firm handling the campaign

Paul Maynard’s Facebook page

Action Cerebral Palsy’s Facebook page that links to a Radio interview with Ian Sansbury, author of the Report    and

The Portsmouth Evening News

A number of tweets

There is also a viewpoint from Andrew Sutton at

If anyone has seen other reports or comments, please do let me know  and I will add them to the list. If I find any more or receive  information I will let you know with an update.