North America Conductive Education Awareness Day

This Awareness Day took place on 19 February and a pack of helpful information for those wishing to participate was advertised  on ACENA’s website at

and some centres and Facebook pages mentioned the Day and their activities, e.g.

Over the past week I have been unable to find any reports of these events, or any others, in the media. No features, photos, or articles have been found. Perhaps there are some which have not made it to the Internet and therefore not shown up in my searches.

Perhaps they will feature later so I will check again next week and let you know if I find anything.

Conductive Education Awareness Events 2015

There will be a National Awareness Day in North America on February 19th. This will be the sixth year for the event –  now  a regular date on the calendar.

See the following links for more details

I have also discovered that the UK is having a similar event but it will last a  week and runs from  7-14 March.  Events are in the planning stage as stated on CEPEG’s Facebook page.

I can no other mentions of it on the Internet so far.


It will be interesting to see what events are reported in the media in both cases.

Justin Herbst, Conductive Education graduate gives evidence to US Senate committee

Quite a few years ago I had contact with Patti Herbst when she started up the Conductive Education Center in Illinois with her husband, Chuck.. She had a son, Justin, with cerebral palsy and discovered Conductive Education which she was determined he would have. She wanted ‘independence for Justin’ and wrote about his journey in Intelligent Love, published by Conductive Education Press.

Since then the center has gone from strength to strength and so has Justin. He attended Southern Illinois University and after graduating found employment with UPS (United Parcel Services).

Yesterday I received the latest ACENA Newsletter which reported on the US Senate Committee hearing on Fufilling the Promise: Overcoming Persistent Barriers to Economic Self-sufficiency for People with Disabilities.

This hearing took place on  September 2014, and  Justin gave evidence along with several others. His presentation can be downloaded as a pdf  and watched on the video.

Justin’s achievements  are a fantastic example of what Conductive Education can do to transform lives and enable those with cerebral palsy to achieve their potential. His hard work has paid off and he is now willing to stand up for others and put the case to the US government to update its disability policies, for the Government to make sure that true independence can become a reality.

Patti and Chuck, enormously proud of their son, are still working hard to make Conductive Education  better known, and practised in the US.

Nice one!

Changes at ACENA

It is  Conductive Education Awareness Day in North America tomorrow, 20 February, and  I have received today a circulated letter from the Association for Conductive Education in North America (ACENA) with an announcement. This organisation was originally set up for those working in Conductive Education, but today I discover that it now  has new categories of  membership for “parents, CE participants and all program staffers”.

Membership involves payment of a fee.


As stated benefits include:

  • Gain access to a broad network of Conductive Education professionals
  • Vote on all ACENA topics
  • Hold elected office or serve on subcommittees
  • Participate in annual conferences or workshops at ACENA discounted rates
  • Receive valuable information on CE, including Program and Practice Manuals
  • Receive annual statistical report on CE in North America
  • Post or view employment opportunities on the ACENA website

A good move to involve all those who have an interest in Conductive Education and its development and this list includes receiving lots of information.

Anyone wishing to find out more should go to

Conductive Education Newsletters

Every now and again I get sent the latest newsletter from a CE organisation which helps keep me up to date.

I had one from the New Zealand Foundation for Conductive Education recently and as always this was full of information about developments in New Zealand. This can be seen at

A few days ago I received the latest newsletter from ACENA  and this can be found at–Winter-2014.html?soid=1115767549498&aid=tybPmT-7f4o

The format of this has been updated  and includes  an overview of training courses in Conductive Education, report on the World Congress and a report on the status of Conductive Education in North America.

Access to all previous newsletters is also available.

If you produce a newsletter, please do let me know and send me a copy and then I post an up to date list here on the blog..


Conductive Education Day in North America 2013

ACENA has announced the date for next year’s Conductive Education Day in North America. This is 21st February.

ACENA says:

The 4th “National Conductive Education Day” will be celebrated on Thursday, February 21, 2013! This day is a great opportunity to increase awareness of Conductive Education and promote your program locally.

Once again this year, ACENA will be offering its members a customizable Campaign Kit. In addition, the kit is one of the new Center Membership benefits. It is designed to help your advocacy work, and includes eight files:

a cover letter from ACENA’s president;

a detailed guide of how to use the campaign kit documents;

templates for a letter to editors, proclamation request, testimonials, and press release; and,

a pamphlet and poster that promotes CE.

Further information can be found at

North America Conductive Education Awareness Day 2011

Today is Conductive Education Awareness Day in North America. Andrew Sutton blogged its imminence earlier this month

and I hope it has gone well for all concerned.

Over the next few days  I will be looking for items about it on the Internet, just as I did last year. Most items found then referred to just three centres, so I hope there is more coverage this time, especially accurate and pertinent information.

We will see.

Conductive Education Awareness Day

Thursday 25 February has been designated Conductive Education Awareness Day in North America by ACENA (Association for Conductive Education in North America), see

which states:

This day will provide CE Centers everywhere the opportunity to focus on their successes, publicize their programs, inform the general public, build legitimacy, gain political support, increase client base, and drive funders to the Conductive Education cause. A CE Awareness Day Campaign Kit that provides customizable press releases, proclamation letters for local and state government, Conductive Education stats and facts, sample advertisements with a common message, and a post-campaign evaluation has been sent to all ACENA members.

I have found several other references to it on the Internet.,1607,7-168-25488_54480-231631–,00.html

There have been other awareness days and weeks in the past which have had a limited effect, so I would love to know how successful this venture proves to be and how many of the 40 centres mentioned in the March of Dimes newsletter used the campaign kit.In the meantime I hope the day is productive, that awareness is raised successfully and Conductive Education is shown to be a wonderful educational system and not just another therapy.

New website for ACENA

Today I discovered that ACENA, the Association of Conductive Education North America has a new updated website which now gives a mailing address and contact emails for all those on the Executive Committee. The site is clearly set up and is very easy to navigate round.


Features of the site include :Downloadable copies of the Association’s Newsletter. The latest issue includes brief articles written by David Dvorak on research, Krisztina Bernstein on CE on demand, and Adrienn Deak on adult CE refresher courses in association with the Peto Institute.A job centre under the heading careers that includes vacancies for therapists as well as conductors.

 A calendar of events in North America.

A directory of CE programs in North America.

It also includes the discussion forum started some time ago.

Membership details and application forms are also available to download.