Month: December 2016

Another electronic book from Conductive Education Press

The CEP quotationary of Andras Peto and his Conductive Education, first published in 2013,  is now available as a pdf  for £4.00 (no postage!) as well as the traditional book format.

The back cover blurb of the book says :

This quotationary’s 307 quotations contribute some distilled essence, including 48 sayings or reported sayings from the man himself, plus vivid direct reports from friends and associates, and the observations of some of those who have tried to nail his fleeting shadow.

These quotations come from 40 named sources, and are referenced to 15 different texts.

For further information and to order a copy in either format, please go to

Electronic version of Genesis now available

The price of everything still keeps going up, especially in the UK at the moment with Brexit and general unrest in world affairs. Shipping costs from Blurb also have increased  since CEP last published a book.

After investigation I discovered that it is  also possible to have an electronic version of Genesis   so I am pleased to say that it is now possible to order a pdf of the book for £3.00 as well as the ‘proper’ book.

To order a copy go to

This price is a special one for the Congress and the rest of December, the same as the hard copy, and the price of both will change in January