Month: October 2016

How many recent books on Conductive Education?

Conductive Education Press has another book in the pipeline and that made we wonder just how many books on Conductive Education have been published in the past five years or so. I was surprised to see that there have been quite a few, from a variety of countries – UK, Sweden, Finland, Hong Kong, Hungary, Germany, – in a variety of languages – English, German, Hungarian, Chinese.

This is a list of what I found:


Abstract book of 7th World Congress. Hong Kong: SAHK.

Airaksinen, Leena and Carlstedt, Ingrid, ed. Conductive Education – towards an integrated school day. Alvsjo and Helsinki: Joriel School and Ruskeasuo School.

Beck, Éva Task series in Conductive Education. Budapest: MPANNI.

Graham, Jo, McGuigan, Chas and Maguire, Gillian, ed. Intelligent love. Birmingham: Conductive Education Press.

Mallett, Susie Let me tell you a story. Nürnberg: Conductor Nürnberg.

Sutton, Andrew and Maguire, Gillian, ed. Internationalising Conductive Education. Birmingham: Conductive Education Press.


Sutton, Andrew Last Year in Hong Kong. Birmingham: Conductive Education Press.

Mallett, Susie 引导式育成及生活方式:请你听我讲故事作者

苏丝‧马勒 [Chinese edition of Susie Mallett’s Let me tell you a story]


Heußinger, Waltraud ‘Er kam wie ein Blitz aus heiterem Himmel’/’It came like a bolt from the blue’. Edited by Susie Mallett. Nürnberg: Conductor Nürnberg.

Maguire, Gillian and Sutton, Andrew András Pető. Birmingham: Conductive Education Press.

Noel, Jessica Conductive Education pocket book. [online] Noel. [Available at


Abstract book of 8th World Congress. Munich: Bavarian Association CE Pető e.V.

Bugya, Évi Konduktives Kochbuch: Pfannkuchen nach konduktiver Art / Conductive Cookery Book: pancakes conductive style. Nürnberg: Cila.

CEP quotationary. Birmingham: Conductive Education Press.

McDowell, George. George’s travelogue/Urlauberlebnisse. Edited by Susie Mallett. Nürnberg: Conductor Nürnberg.

Strzałkowski, Ralph Never, never quit: my Conductive Education. Birmingham: Conductive Education Press.

Tatlow, Anita Konduktive Förderung Fur Kinder Und Jugendliche Mit Zerebralparese. Munich: Landesverband Bayern Konduktive Förderung nach Pető e.V


Kollega Tarsoly István, ed. Emlékkönyv Dr Hári Mária 1923-2001. Budapest: Pető András Főiskola.

Have I missed any, I wonder?  Please let me know if I have.


Maria Hari’s contribution to Conductive Education

I have just seen Andrew’s post about the anniversary of Maria Hari’s death and it set me thinking about her.
She was keen for people to know about and understand Conductive Education and produced  many items on the subject. I compiled a bibliography of her work some time ago now and this is now up in the Depository of the Virtual Library on Conduction’s website and this includes unpublished papers, books, articles and conference presentations   in English, French and Hungarian.
There are other references to her on the Internet which may be of interest too  at
Do have a look and see.
Its important that she be remembered.

Conductive Education in Ukraine?

A news alert recently led me to a piece which had been published in the Bradford Telegraph and Argus in 2008.

A small charity from Yorkshire has been supporting a hospital in Ukraine.

The hospital is one of the projects supported by Bradford charity Take Hope Yorkshire. Run by Andrew McVeigh and Beverley Clegg of Denholme, it raises funds for organisations in Vinogradiv in the Transcarpat-hia region and sends out lorry-loads of aid including clothing, shoes, bedding and medical equipment.

Andrew launched Take Hope in 1995.

The newspaper reports on visits to the hospital and also a day centre for children. It states that the staff have been trained at the Peto Institute, but its not very clear if these are conductors or not, with the mention of mothers and doctors.

Staff are trained at the world-famous Peto Institute in Hungary. We watched one medic in action, vigorously massaging a child to stimulate muscles. In another room, a mother was leading her little girl across a wooden ladder contraption on the floor. The child put all her effort into staying upright. Next, she laid across an exercise ball and a doctor pulled her legs, stretching her muscles.

Does anybody know more about this? Have  conductors been there?  Still there?

Some Photos Taken at the Peto Institute

A posting on Facebook today led me to a collection of 49 black and white photos taken of children and conductors at the Peto Institute.

These are not dated but look to me like they were probably taken in the 1990s, and how they came to be taken  is not stated.

The photographer, Stuart Freedman, started taking photos professionally in 1991 and is now a celebrated photographer worldwide covering a wide variety of topics and events.



New Additions to the Conductive Education Virtual Library Catalogue

The catalogue now has over 600 entries of material on the Internet, some link to the full document and some just to a link requiring payment to get the complete item. It has taken nearly seven years to compile this listing and I am still finding more material.

This new additions list is a mixture of newly published material and older articles just been made available on the web.

National Institute of Conductive Education

Conductive Education as a method of stroke rehabilitation: a single blinded randomised controlled feasibility study
Judith Bek, and others
Journal article

Conductive Education – myths and facts
Melanie Brown
Website page

Conductive Education researched? The horizon recedes…
Mike Lambert
Unpublished paper

Emma’s story
Emma McDowell
Website page

Magyar Örökség díjazott a Pető Intézet / Hungarian Heritage Prize for Peto Institute
Hungarian National Commission for Unesco
Website page

Conductive Education and spinal cord injury
Judith Burkholder

Finding balance between Conductive Education and academic education.
Presentation abstract

Success of ACENA
Anne Wittig and David Dvorak

Conductive Education

Conductive Education; a system for overcoming motor disorder.
Gladys Rodriguez
Book review

Education for the cerebral palsied: a review of two contemporary approaches.
J. M. Brown
Journal article

A role of national importance
Dick Louden
Newspaper article

Die Bedeutung des Sozialgesetzbuches, Teil IX, für die Konduktive Förderung zerebral geschädigter Kinder nach Petö
Harry Fuchs
Website document

Please go to

to access more information about these items.