Month: September 2016

Webchat now available on Conductive Education centre website

Technology marches forward at a tremendous rate improving our access to each other, making it possible to communicate quickly and easily. Today a Google alert informed me that, Heel and Toe, a centre in the UK has just launched a webchat box on its website.

This has been in development since March and :

The main aim is to allow visitors to their website to interact with a live human being. In addition, the webchat increases the profile of the charity and makes them money as well – but it does so with a difference.

This will enable Heel and Toe charity to interact with visitors to its website and result in potential successful outcomes for the charity.  Those wishing to know more will be able to ask via the webchat box. The cost of this venture is nil for the charity as a local business is sponsoring it for them. A definite win win situation!

As far as I can tell this is the first CE centre to set up such a service.

Further information can be found at the centre’s website