Month: March 2016

Conductive Awareness Week in the UK, 2016

Last week was CE Awareness Week in the UK. An information pack consisting of wristbands, balloons, pens with a copy of What is Conductive Education published by CEPEG, was sent out by CEPEG to all those who requested it.

As far as I can establish most of the Awareness activities subsequently mentioned on-line, involved using the colour blue and were mentioned on the Facebook pages of about half a dozen or so  centres, schools/organisations  involved rather than the wider media of newspapers, magazines and television.   e.g.

Just one event did gain public coverage, a one-day ‘conductors’ ‘job switch’ between Stick’n’Step and Rainbow House CE centres:

The Awareness Week was also taken up outside the UK  at Carson Street School in Australia, as mentioned on their Facebook page

and also in new Zealand by Lisa Gombinsky at

No  items in newspapers or other public media  have been traced so far other than other than in the reciprocal visit of conductors reported in in PossAbility Magazine and Qnews.

A few weeks ago Awareness Day for Conductive Education was held in North America, but again I have had no success in finding substantial  items in the media.

Why is it so difficult to get coverage of Conductive Education, I wonder.





World Book Day – hurrah for books, hurrah for Conductive Education books!

Books have always been a very important part of my life and seem to be everywhere in my house. Today is World Book Day and most libraries and book shops will be making a bit of a splash about it. I wonder how much promotion Conductive Education  books will get  in libraries of all kinds, including those holding significant amounts of material, and bookshops.

Since 2010 nineteen books have been published on CE, with  Conductive Education Press producing seven titles covering various aspects – international development, young conductors going out into the working world, parents experiences, András Pető, and memories of Conductive Education received as a child.

Copies can be ordered by clicking on a title at

There are ideas  for several more and a new publication will come out soon to celebrate the variety of information on the subject.

Get reading!


Conductive Education thriving in Cheshire

It was reported today in the Chester Chronicle that Stick ‘n’ Step, a centre in Wallasey, will now open its second centre.

Sick ‘n’Step has acquired funding to purchase and renovate a building in Winsford:

The Morgan Foundation has provided the funding to purchase the building and undertake much of the renovation work required, while the further funding from The Williams Family Foundation will allow Stick ‘n’ Step to offer specialised toilet facilities to help children to become more independent.

Once opened, the new centre will allow up to a further 70 families to receive free conductive education and support services.

This is great news for the area and CE in the UK, especially as services will be free.  No date is given for the opening but hopefully it will not be too long coming.