Month: February 2016

Conductive Education conference in UK next month

Google has just alerted me to the fact that The Percy Hedley Foundation  is hosting the 12th annual conference of the Conductive Education Professional Education Group on 12 March at the Percy Hedley School.

The conference is :

…entitled “Back to Basics”, and will focus on the basics of conductive education, what we do well in its simplest form not complicated with fancy ideas and new developments, just focussing on celebrating conductive education for what it is and what it was developed to be.

This should be interesting and hopefully presentations will be made available to those who are unable to go by being published on the Internet.

Anyone interested in going needs to follow this link:

New entries to Virtual Library catalogue February 2016

Recently modern technology has had me beaten but at last all problems and access to the Internet have been solved and I can now let you know what has been entered in the virtual library catalogue this year. You will find the following items, a mix of newspaper and journal articles,  theses, a research report and a pdf document.

Brukerperspektivet i habilitering

Ingvild Frøysang



Conductive Education two years later

Dom Merkur


Journal article

The replication of the system of Conductive Education in the United States

Andrea Benyovszky


Journal article

Parents as care managers: the experiences of those caring for young children with cerebral palsy

Gillian Bridge



Evidence based conductive practice; towards whole school improvement


Research report

Setting the pace for cerebral palsy


PACES, Sheffield

centre brochure

In their own words – participant experiences with Conductive Education

Keith Sherwood


pdf document

Family affair Duah Matta rehovot

Revi Havrahami and Avner Havrahami


Newspaper article


Divergent perspectives on educational priorities for young children with cerebral palsy: a case study

Tunde Roszahegyi




Entries and links to all of these can be found by searching the catalogue