Month: October 2015

New Conductive Education centre on the cards for New Zealand

A friend has forwarded a Google news alert to me about a new initiative for Conductive Education in New Zealand. Craig Nielsen, parent of a child with cerebral palsy hopes to establish a new centre at Taranaki, a region in the North West of North Island.

He says:

“We want to establish a centre or a facility that can deal with children from birth or a young age through to include their school age,” he said.

There are currently three families travelling to Hamilton. “We know of, through our research, between six and 12 that could use a centre here. That’s why we want to try and find others in the community that we don’t know of.”

I wish the best of luck to all concerned.

New hope for those with Parkinson’s Disease?

Trials for new drugs are being carried on all the time which gives hope to those with progressive, and incurable diseases.

Today I was sent a link to The New Scientist which reports on a new drug working well with some late stage sufferers of Parkinson’s disease.

The results of a small trial of 12 patients has been presented at the Neuroscience Meeting 2015 in Chicago this weekend,  which seem too good to be true.

“We’ve seen patients at end stages of the disease coming back to life,” says Charbel Moussa of Georgetown University Medical Center in Washington DC, who led the trial.

One of the patients, Alan Hoffman who was diagnosed in 1997, says:

the nilotinib trial changed his life. As his disease worsened, he had many falls, needed his wife’s help to get out of bed and he considered taking his own life. While deep brain stimulation helped treat the rigidity of his body, it wasn’t a cure, so he enrolled in the nilotinib trial. Within a matter of weeks, he was able to make the bed, and read a book for the first time in years.


Further bigger trials are called for by experts in the field.

In the meantime

Sadly, the effect doesn’t last, and when the volunteers were taken off the drug at the end of the trial, they started to deteriorate again …. Many have since tried to get hold of the drug themselves, but it costs a whopping $10,000 a month.

Only time will tell.

Football Team Owner Helps Local Conductive Education Centre

Over the last year or two some Conductive Education centres have struggled to keep going. One such  centre  in the UK , Legacy Rainbow House,

has been named charity partner for the local football team, Preston North End which has been a big boost financially.

The Legacy Rainbow House was

… in a sorry state.
Newly-appointed chief executive Carol Cochrane explains: “Ten weeks ago this was a building site. The organisation didn’t have a chief exec, the staff were on short pay, and weren’t sure of their future.”
Thanks to the generosity of Mr Hemmings and his associates, Legacy Rainbow House has now finished off – and opened – a brand new building.

In these difficult financial times some centres must be finding it difficult to maintain the services they offer and the number of staff needed, so it is good to hear that one centre has been helped to carry for the moment.


Good luck to them and all those in similar positions.

Conductive Education Press Sale Ending Soon

There are only a few days left of this Conductive Education Press sale. Prices have been reduced by a third and this must end at midnight of 7 October.

See below for details:

Pető Studies

Original source material for presentations, assignments, dissertations, and private reflection – the only centralised resource yet for exploring who he was, and what he did and said
András Pető
Published 2012
Still the only book available on the mysterious founder of Conductive Education, with some of his own writings including examples of his poetry

CE Quotationary of András Pető and his Conductive Education
Published 2013
307 quotations by and about András Pető – some unexpected insights!

Library of Conductive Education

Contemporary writings from the modern world of Conductive Education, by families, conductors and others, with a broad variety of personal perspectives
Just do it!

Published 2009

Young conductors report their early experiences, working on five continents

Internationalising Conductive Education

Published 2010
First-hand accounts of developing Conductive Education services in eight countries

Intelligent Love

Published 2010
Parents’ action for Conductive Education around the world: in their families, setting up services, and in the political arena

Last Year in Hong Kong

Published 2011
Reflections upon Oriental Conductive Education, following the 7th World Congress, in Hong Kong

Never never quit

Published 2013

Memories of Conductive Education experienced as a child at the Pető Institute in the late 1980s.


Books are in English

Ordering copies

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Remember, this sale closes

Wednesday 7 October