Month: May 2015

Nice news story from Australia today

Conductive Education and Future Footprints, a centre in Australia established by Eszter Agocs in 2009, is the subject of a long article by ABC News Online today.

It concentrates on the ‘fringe element’ of Conductive Education and reports the story of a child, Chloe, with cerebral palsy attending Future Footprints. Chloe began attending at the age of two and has now started school with her twin sister who does not have cerebral palsy. Her mother, a physiotherapist, says

“Through her hard work and her determination in her therapy, she has been able to do a lot more than was first hoped for her when she was diagnosed

 Its a shame that the use of the word ‘therapy’ is used to describe Conductive Education, but this is a  nice feel good story .


New Additions to Virtual Library Spring 2015

Another good mixed selection of items have been added to the catalogue recently. The list here is in no particular order and all mentioned   can be found by searching the catalogue by author or title at


L’inauguration du CEC : film sur le CEC + discours
Fanny Grau Copiettiers
Blog posting

Developing stroke care for adults in the community: rehabilitation through Conductive Education
Melanie Brown, and others
Research report

A better deal for children with cerebral palsy
Amanda Richardson
Magazine article

Benefits of Conductive Education for adults with cerebral palsy in the Canterbury region
180 Degrees Consulting
Research report

Ik praat dus ik stap
Karel Michiels
Newspaper article

Early years foundation stage policy
National Institute of Conductive Education
website pdf document

Policy on the curriculum
National Institute of Conductive Education
website pdf document

Special educational needs
National Institute of Conductive Education
website pdf document

Adult Conductive Education
Andrea Besesek and Lisa Gombinsky
magazine article

Konduktív pedagógia – felnõtteknek
Tokodi, György
website article

Adult Conductive Education takes off
Lisa Gombinsky
magazine article

Our families: a positive experience with complementary/alternative therapies for our daughter Amber
Mary Ann Hauck
newsletter article

Commemorating the physically and mentally disabled mistreated by the totalitarian regimes – Budapest .[ Six interviews with conductors]
Vera Wera
YouTube videos

Cad Kadímá – avagy: a Pető-intézet Izraelben: Kevesen tudják, de Magyarországon kívül Izraelben van a Pető módszer egyik legnagyobb oktatási központja
Author unknown
Website article

URLs for Conductive Education blog and virtual catalogue

Nearly two years ago hackers got into my Conductive Education Information blog at and the virtual library catalogue at, making it impossible for me to access them.

Consequently, these two locations are now no longer anything to do with me and I have not added or removed any postings for a long time now,  it is impossible for me to do so.

Why the hackers did this I have no idea, I assume just for the fun of it.

All blog postings have been copied and transferred to this location and the virtual library catalogue was moved to e-conduction’s website in 2010 at

Over the weekend I had a notification from Google that my URL was due for renewal and after thinking long and carefully about this I have decided that I will let it go and not renew it.

This blog has its own URL as can be seen above this posting, and the catalogue is accessible via E-CONDUCTION.

All  those of you who have links to the old URLs please remove them and replace with :

for the Virtual Library

and this blog

A blast from the past!

In 1990 Dawn participated in a video, A Gift from Hungary, with Bob Hoskins. This was produced for the Foundation of Conductive Education by Sound Picture House and a not very good quality copy can now be found on Youtube.

A trip down memory lane for some!

Recently Andrew Sutton blogged the discovery of this and filled in  the background to it.

Yesterday I found a news item relating to Dawn, now 34 years old, who had married  her long term partner, Jon Khairule, on Saturday afternoon.

A lovely picture of Dawn and Jon,  and I wish them a long and happy marriage.