Month: April 2015

‘Never, never quit’, a motto for us all

A couple of years ago Conductive Education Press published the childhood memories of Ralph  Strzałkowski’s  experiences of Conductive Education at the Peto Institute as posted on his blog. Never, never quit,  was the first published memoir  of its kind and there has been no other since.
Since then Ralph, a practising lawyer in Florida, has set up a disability charity, the Florida Disability Access And Awareness Foundation, which
… is dedicated to raising awareness of issues affecting the disabled community, educating the public to fight misinformation and stereotypes and offering products and services to improve the lives of millions of people. 
A mighty endeavour,  and I wish him the best of luck and good fortune with its work.
He is now looking to collect together his numerous postings about the set up and progress of its operations. This week he posted about this and drew attention to his book about Conductive Education.
I haven’t had the need to go through  my writings  since Andrew Sutton put together a book out of 33 of my earlier posts. It was impressive to see my words on paper coming together to get a message across. The specific texts were then picked for a reason. There was a key that Andrew used for his selection, it needed to have a certain flow and tell a story. His interest and focus was on my childhood experiences, my time in Hungary and Conductive Education- and how all these things tied into my adult life and my work at the time for the Jordan Klausner Foundation. The point is – he did a good job making it work as if it was written for that purpose. With an angle of course and a bias of sorts if you will, but still- it was impressively coherent.
More information and ordering details  of Never, never quit are available from

Libraries can be ‘useful’, I see!

In the lead up to the UK General Election all sorts of statements and photos are being used to convince us to vote for certain parties and policies.

Yesterday one candidate was shown to have falsified the photo of himself in front of his library at the launch of his party’s manifesto.

Some of the shelves of books had been duplicated in the photo to make the library look more extensive.


You couldn’t make it up.

No further comment needed here  I am sure!


Buying Conductive Education books from Budapest, in 2015

The Pető András College has inherited the books published for sale from the former Pető Institute.

Over the past few weeks emails have been going back and forth between me and the Library at Pető András Főiskola in Budapest. I wanted to buy two of their publications, and it took time to establish costs, including postage. The items, both by Maria Hari are The History of Conductive Pedagogy  and the  French edition of the Human Principle in Conductive Education, both not available anywhere else.

Yesterday I received an invoice for both of the publications giving me the charges in forints and euros, about £15.00 in sterling, including postage. Payment was required before supplying the books,  which  is not  unreasonable, and I had to do this by transferring money from my bank account to that of the College.

I went to arrange this at my bank and was horrified to discover that there was a charge for doing this of £20, more in itself than the cost of the books with postage. Getting home I immediately contacted the Library and asked if it was possible to pay by credit card or debit card or even send two Conductive Education Press books in exchange for the ones I wanted.

It was very disappointing to get a reply this morning saying that none of those options is possible. In 2015 it seems incredible  that it is not possible to pay by card, and must mean that a lot of international  sales of books are being missed.

What a shame. Perhaps the College will get around to offering different options of paying as part of their general modernisation and join the rest of the world.

I am not inclined to pay the fees and will have to consider what to do next. I have been told that I would be very welcome to visit the Library anytime and buy the books then, but I don’t think a trip to Budapest is very likely though it would be great to visit and meet Noémi Zalavári who has been so helpful.

Setting up Conductive Education Press’ publications to be ordered and  supplied via the Internet seems even more like a good idea now, and does mean that all  seven publications can be ordered and paid for immediately anywhere in the world.