Month: February 2015

Centre in Norfolk has now closed

The centre  that I mentioned a few posts ago

which was under threat of closure, closed  at lunchtime on 12 February as reported by ITV news yesterday.

Parents and staff  have set up a  Fundraising campaign at

So far they have raised £9,870.   £90,000 a year is needed to keep the centre going.

Research results reveal new cause of cerebral palsy

In the news today I have read that scientists in Australia have found a link between cerebral palsy and genetic mutation after 20 years of research.

The report states:

A trial …has found that a large number of cerebral palsy cases are caused by a genetic mutation.

 It challenges the long-held belief that the condition is caused by a lack of oxygen during pregnancy or at birth.

 Now researchers have found at least 14 per cent of cerebral palsy cases are likely to have been caused by a genetic mutation

The research was carried out at the Robinson Institute, University of Adelaide.

Free course on new English SEND legislation

I have just received the latest issue of the TAC Bulletin, and found a useful link to a free course.

The new English legislation , re special educational needs and disabilities, came into effect on 12 September 2014 and those of you not familiar with the changes may like to make use of the free course by Online Training Ltd.

Just go to and follow the link to the SEND code of practice course.

The Bulletin may be found at

Conductive Education Awareness Events 2015

There will be a National Awareness Day in North America on February 19th. This will be the sixth year for the event –  now  a regular date on the calendar.

See the following links for more details

I have also discovered that the UK is having a similar event but it will last a  week and runs from  7-14 March.  Events are in the planning stage as stated on CEPEG’s Facebook page.

I can no other mentions of it on the Internet so far.


It will be interesting to see what events are reported in the media in both cases.

Another centre loses the financial battle

A small centre  near Ipswich in the UK is having to close due to lack of funds. It has been operating for nearly fifteen years and became part of the Dame Vera Lynn Trust in 2010.

I am not sure that it employed a conductor  – it is not on the Workplace map at

– I  think it offered  services based on the ‘principles of Conductive Education’.

It is sad that any service for disabled children has to close for financial reasons,  leaving parents with less choice and at a loss of what to do.

Rare books lost forever in fire

I received information from two friends yesterday about a terrible fire in one of Russia’s university libraries.

The blaze, which started on Friday and was still not completely out on Saturday evening, ravaged 2,000 square metres (21,500 square feet) of the Institute of Scientific Information on Social Sciences (INION) in Moscow, which was created in 1918 and holds 10 million documents with some dating back to the 16th century

It is believed that up to a million rare documents may have been destroyed and much of the damage was caused by the water in the  firefighting.  A major calamity, not just for Russia, but the world too. Fortunately no-one was injured.

It is a stark reminder of how vulnerable libraries are, how easy it can be for disaster to strike, and how important the printed book still is. Librarians are just custodians of collections for future generations, keeping them as safe as possible against fire, water and theft and often feel  their libraries are as important as a member of the family to them. Those working in this Library must be devastated.

I remember that not so long ago there was a fire at the Foundation for Conductive Education in Cannon Hill House which started with a faulty light fitting in the Library, and the Fire Brigade was called out. Fortunately no damage was done to the stock, and only a little to the walls etc.  What a lucky escape! There is much in that Library that is irreplaceable, not available elsewhere.


Further Items on Cerebral Palsy Report in the News

It is now a week since the report on cerebral palsy was published

I have been checking to see if news items about the report have been published since then. As far as I can establish there have only been two,  in  the local newspapers of Portsmouth and Leicester.

The Portsmouth Evening News  states

This would include nationally-agreed protocols around earlier diagnosis and intervention, improved awareness and training for health and education professionals, improved signposting and support for families and greater funding for research into cerebral palsy to improve outcomes. Now the government will work to  put these recommendations in place.

A very interesting  statement.

The  other, from  the MP for Loughborough in Leicestershire, Nicky Morgan, also Secretary of State for Education, is a note in her  column for the Leicester Mercury. She refers to her attendance at the reception for the Report and a Leicestershire CE centre, Steps and its work.

I have not received information about any others I may have missed, so I am assuming that that is probably it now.