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Reports of Yesterday’s Launch of ACP’s Parliamentary Inquiry into Cerebral Palsy

Today I have been searching for reports of the launch of the report on Cerebral Palsy that I mentioned yesterday.

So far, I have managed to find the following from:

the PR firm handling the campaign

Paul Maynard’s Facebook page

Action Cerebral Palsy’s Facebook page that links to a Radio interview with Ian Sansbury, author of the Report    and

The Portsmouth Evening News

A number of tweets

There is also a viewpoint from Andrew Sutton at

If anyone has seen other reports or comments, please do let me know  and I will add them to the list. If I find any more or receive  information I will let you know with an update.

Cerebral Palsy Parliamentary Report out today

Action Cerebral Palsy, a UK  consortium of specialist charities working with children with cerebral palsy and their families, has been involved in the production of a Parliamentary report on the educational and clinical needs of children with cerebral palsy and their families. Over 300 people –  parents, professionals – have given evidence at a number of sessions held over the past six months. Today the results are published in a 40 – page document which is available to read and download.

The executive summary presents the main findings and plans for the future.

By the way, there is only one paragraph that mentions Conductive Education.

I would like to note that following the link given on the press release, (which is in very small type) it has taken me a while to get the download in a readable size (and dispense with all the adverts and other paraphanalia), but it is possible. Maybe I am not as technically savvy as I thought!

There is no mention of a paper copy being available.

The press release states that

Following the inquiry, Action Cerebral Palsy now plan to work closely with Government officials and other key stakeholders to implement the inquiry’s recommendations, for example building on the SEND Code of Practice introduced through the new Children and Families Act to ensure the best possible health and educational outcomes for children with cerebral palsy.

Let us hope that children with cerebral palsy do benefit from this report as stated.

Justin Herbst, Conductive Education graduate gives evidence to US Senate committee

Quite a few years ago I had contact with Patti Herbst when she started up the Conductive Education Center in Illinois with her husband, Chuck.. She had a son, Justin, with cerebral palsy and discovered Conductive Education which she was determined he would have. She wanted ‘independence for Justin’ and wrote about his journey in Intelligent Love, published by Conductive Education Press.

Since then the center has gone from strength to strength and so has Justin. He attended Southern Illinois University and after graduating found employment with UPS (United Parcel Services).

Yesterday I received the latest ACENA Newsletter which reported on the US Senate Committee hearing on Fufilling the Promise: Overcoming Persistent Barriers to Economic Self-sufficiency for People with Disabilities.

This hearing took place on  September 2014, and  Justin gave evidence along with several others. His presentation can be downloaded as a pdf  and watched on the video.

Justin’s achievements  are a fantastic example of what Conductive Education can do to transform lives and enable those with cerebral palsy to achieve their potential. His hard work has paid off and he is now willing to stand up for others and put the case to the US government to update its disability policies, for the Government to make sure that true independence can become a reality.

Patti and Chuck, enormously proud of their son, are still working hard to make Conductive Education  better known, and practised in the US.

Nice one!

Good news for Conductive Education centre at start of 2015

Yesterday I received an alert for a news item about the Rainbow Centre in  Fareham, Hampshire, UK.  Last year funding for this centre was urgently required to keep it operating and  £150,000 was successfully raised.

The latest newspaper report states:

The Rainbow Centre stood on the brink of closure within weeks unless it could find £150,000 after funding reached desperate levels.

But now it is celebrating its 25th anniversary year after the public answered its call for help.

The future is now looking much brighter but as experienced by  other centres worldwide, there is a need to keep the fundraising going all the time.

The charity now has a reserve fund of £105,000 – enough to cover the charity for two months.

It needs £12,500 a week to cover costs and at its lowest point the charity was bringing £7,500 – now it has an average weekly income of £17,500.

Since the launch of the appeal 38 per cent of what the charity needs in income is guaranteed to come in.

Good luck to them, and all the other centres too.

More additions to Virtual Library catalogue

Here are the last additions for 2014 which are the usual mixture of articles, reports, and documents.

More to come later this year.

Pressspiegel/Press review: 8th World Congress on Conductive Education
Anna Souksengphet-Dachlauer
Press cuttings compilation

Conductive Education; [school policy]
Horton Lodge Community Special School
pdf document

Conductive Education for cerebral palsy
Wendy Fidler
Journal article

Annual review 2012-13
Stick ‘n’ Step Centre
pdf document

Conductive Education and NDT – Bobath: experts discussion on history, development and current practice
Rony Schenker and others
Journal article

Careful planning and routine are key to development
Tünde Rózsahegyi
Journal article

Professional profile of conductor of Conductive Education Sweden
Svenska Conductorsföreningen
pdf document

Conductive Education Resource Library
Jockey Club Marion Fang Conductive Learning Centre SAHK

The virtual catalogue can be found at


Please do let me know of any items you know that are not included.

Thanks to all  of you for your support and a Happy New Year.