Month: May 2014

New Conductive Education centre in Malaysia

I have just heard about an exciting new development in Malaysia. A new centre, Step and Smile,  has opened in Kuala Lumpur set up by two people, Alan and Kiyoka Roberts, convinced of the benefits of Conductive Education. Two Hungarian conductors, Hajni and Zsolt, are working with the children.

It now has a pin in the worldwide map.

It is very early days for all concerned but I hope the numbers of children will increase as word gets around and that it can continue to thrive. This is the only centre I know of in that part of the world, and it is great to know  it has opened  with conductors.

A website is in preparation, but in the meantime you can find out more on their Facebook page. 

or contact the centre manager Kiyoka Roberts at

If you know of any other new ventures please do let me know so I can keep the map up to date.


Future looks good for Rainbow Centre

Reported yesterday in their local newspaper  is the result of the appeal for funds  to keep The Rainbow Centre in Fareham operating.

The current total of donations has passed the original target of £150,000 and is still rising. Companies and other businesses are becoming regular donators  and the future looks assured, at least for the time being.

Adult Conductive Education services in the UK

On Facebook today there was a request for information about CE services for those with Parkinson’s disease and I have spent a short time consulting the Workplace Map  for adult services at  centres in the UK.

The map is there to provide information about places conductors work world wide and includes  further details such as contact information, website etc and can be searched by  services, country and centre name.

There are a dozen places recorded on the map and these ( in no particular order) are:

National Institute – Birmingham, Cheltenham and Coventry

Szathmary Training and Consultancy

Megan Baker House

Cork Centre for Conductive Education

Step and Learn Conductive Education Centre

Independent Conductive Education Services

Paces Sheffield

Conductive Education Richmond Facebook:

CMSS Skills Development Centre

International Therapeutic Initiative UK

Rainbow Centre



If details or circumstances have changed I would be grateful if you let me know so I can amend the map.


Good news from The Rainbow Centre

The managers of  The Rainbow Centre has announced that they have raised £141,000, most of the target figure required to keep the centre open. A statement on the website says:

After just six weeks since the crisis appeal launch, The Rainbow Centre, Fareham are delighted to announce that their appeal fund has reached £141,000. Having reached 93% of its target…

To celebrate a special Open Day will take place on 21 June.

For further details please see the press release at

Changes to Workplace Map

I have just heard that the Standing Tall Centre in New York will be merging with the International Academy of Hope (iHOPE) in June 2014. Services will still operate from the same address.

All enquiries to Andrea Lozano at

Being informed of such changes helps me to keep the Workplace Map up to date, so thank you, Andrea.

If anyone else knows of closures, openings, change of address etc,  please do email me and then I can include the new information on the map at