Month: December 2013

New Conductive Education services starting in January 2014

January 2014 sees the start of Conductive Education services in Bristol, UK.

 The Bristol CE Pilot Project is part of Megan Baker House's outreach services and will be run by Natalie Sanchez, a British conductor. This is a first for this part of the UK.

Services start  on 10 January with a parent and child group ( 6 months to 5 years) on Friday afternoons 1.30-3.30 and later in January a teenage/young adults with cerebral palsy group is being arranged..

Please contact  Megan Baker House for more information or contact Natalie Sanchez, who is running the service, on 07851143378.

I will post further information as I receive it.

Books from Conductive Education Press. Tell me what you think

In all forms of retail it helps to know what the market wants and needs, and what it is prepared to shop and pay for. More importantly who is doing the shopping. Conductive Education Press is no different.
Conductive Education Press was set up to provide a solid base of information about Conductive Education and put facts on record, create a body of books establishing the history, philosophy and development of the conductive world. Quite a big aim, but as Conductive Education teaches, you must try and achieve your goals in little steps if necessary. It is a slow process: since CEP began in 2009 seven books have appeared.
We have asked for feedback but have received very little, which is disappointing and frustrating. Reviews are important for us, and also those who are thinking of buying and reading our books.
The system of print on demand offers important advantages. With respect of information on sales, the printer, Blurb allows us to know how many books we have sold,  provides a record of sales month by month, and also maintains a  daily graph of hits for the site. Unfortunately for our purposes, however,  it does not tell us who and where the book orders are coming from, whether it is from the UK, Europe, US or Australia, China. We do not know whether it is individuals, organisations, charities, libraries, or centres who are buying. We are flying 'blind'.
Knowing what is wanted, and by whom, is bound to influence our plans and could indicate a gap not previously considered, that needs filling. Critical comments are also vital.
Readers' thoughts, positive or negative, can be sent by email, or published through any of the usual ways in which people access the Internet, such as a Comment under this to this posting.  CEP has a place for Comments at the foot of its own home page, and Blurb's site provides a place for comments on each of its pages for our specific books:

By the way, so far no second hand copies have appeared on the market which I hope is a good sign!