Month: November 2013

Adult Conductive Education sessions in the US – update

On 7 November I posted information about the future sessions of Conductive Education being offered in the US for those with Parkinson's by Maria Heine.

This included a link to a blog detailing the plans.

On receiving a note from an interested party telling me that the link was no longer live I contacted Maria and was informed that the URL had indeed changed and that the new location is

A link to the adult services in the US can be found at the bottom of the home page. This leads to  the following information:

4-DAY INTENSIVE SESSIONS:In 2014 we will be starting 4–Day Intensive Sessions, throughout the United States, in the following cities:

  • Boston (MA)
  • San Francisco (CA)
  • Los Angeles (CA)
  • Classes will run for 3 hours/per day, for 4x days
  • To be offered at regular intervals, every 8-Weeks
  • Instructed by Maria Heine
  • Small class sizes will allow for individualized focus and development for each participant
  • Open for Partners and Carers to attend and observe

 Contact details are also included.

Things that András Pető said

Over the years I have seen many quotes assigned to András Pető without any information about the source, or even who he said it to. Preparing the CEP quotationary of András Pető and his Conductive Education enabled me to collect remarks of  Pető and about him, give each one a source, and  hopefully clarify things for people. Sixteen sources were used and full references for these given at the back of the quotationary. There may be more sources and if so, I would love to know about them.

Today I came across a quote from András Pető that was new to me and wonder if anyone can tell me the source for that.

Ask me not what I can do for children with Cerebral Palsy, but ask me what they can learn to do for themselves. 

 If a second edition is produced new sources can be reviewed and included.

New Conductive Education services for adults in US

Today a link appeared in my email in box which led to an announcement by Maria Heine on her new blog. For sometime now she has been providing Conductive Education in the Home Counties of the UK and now she is starting up some services for adults in the US, commencing in early 2014.

For further information and contact details, see:

Adults have generally had fewer services to choose from and perhaps this will help to increase awareness and options for adults with neurological disorders in North America.

Some definitions of Conductive Education

I have seen today that Andrew Sutton has posted on his blog a piece about definitions of Conductive Education. Recently I have been investigating this very thing and compiled a list of definitions from various dictionaries which I had hoped to publish later, but will now do so here. 
As you will see some of the definitions are very brief and are often re-produced in various places.
Those that I have found are listed below:

Free dictionary online

conductive education

(Social Science / Education) an educational system, developed in Hungary by András Petö, in which teachers (conductors) teach children and adults with motor disorders to function independently, by guiding them to attain their own goals in their own way

Oxford dictionaries
Conductive education  noun

[mass noun] British  

a system of training for people with motor disorders, especially children, which aims to reduce their dependence on artificial aids.

conductive educationn[oun]
an educational system, developed in Hungary by András Petö, in which teachers (conductors) teach children and adults with motor disorders to function independently, by guiding them to attain their own goals in their own way.

Collins English Dictionary

an educational system, developed in Hungary by András Petö, in which teachers( conductors ) teach children and adults with motor disorders to functionindependently, by guiding them to attain their own goals in theirown way

Oxford Advanced Learners' Dictionary

a treatment for people with cerebral palsy that was developed in Hungary and that involves special physical exercises and learning methods (german english dictionary)'s+system%5D.html

conductive education  [Pető's system]
Petö-Therapie / Pető-Therapie {f} [konduktive Förderung nach Pető]


Conductive Education,or CE, is an educational system that has been specifically developed for children and adults who have motor disorders of neurological origin such as cerebral palsy. It is based on the premise that a person who has a motor disorder may not only have a medical condition requiring treatment, but may often have a major problem in learning that requires special education. The spread of CE throughout the world has probably in large part been due to the advocacy of families who appear to have lost confidence in the existing systems of treatment. These families strongly regard CE as a potentially effective response to their needs. Because of the successes and interest in Conductive Education, other scholars have begun to examine the CE approach. Research studies of the efficiency of conductive education have been inconclusive, however.

International Encyclopedia of Rehabilitation

This has quite a long piece, too long to reproduce here, but it concludes with:

To sum up, conductive education is a system that is established on the basis of scientific medical theory. It performs an active and effective function in treating children with cerebral palsy. The theory and techniques of conductive education comply with the rules of physical and mental development of disabled children and should be disseminated and promoted. In line with the continuing development of a civilized society, conductive education should be recognized, accepted, used and developed by more and more people. This will spur on the healthy development of the rehabilitation industry of disabled children. At the same time, we should acknowledge that there is a large gap between the ideals and practice of children's rehabilitation and that the road is very long.

Make of these what you will. 

Perhaps a new statement is needed that not only explains exactly what Conductive Education is (clearly and succinctly, if that is possible) but also includes links to sources with more detailed and accurate information.

Anybody willing to have a go?