Month: October 2013

Problems with keeping Workplace map up to date

The introduction of the Conductors' Workplace Map has been generally welcomed and gets regular visits which is good to know. Since it was first posted earlier this year I have attempted to add new places and note any changes in the details of those already entered so that it is useful. 
Out of date information is no good to anyone.
I asked  you all to help with this by letting me know openings and closures of places and I have had a number of responses which allowed me to up date information on the map. As much information as possible  – name of centre, contact person, postal address, website and email, services for children and/or adults – makes it easier to include.
To insert a pin in the map for a place, I need to know the full postal address so that map co-ordinates can be found to make sure the pin goes in the right place. In most cases this has been provided and the pin duly inserted. Recently a lady from New York advised me that she was involved in a new centre about to open and I hoped to put a pin in the map for her, but I cannot do this without the necessary information. Hopefully she will send it soon.
I realised the other day that the website of the Cork Centre for Conductive Education was no longer up on the Internet and I have no email to try and contact them. Does anyone know if it has moved,  still operating, or closed?  I am about to note it as closed on  the map and will be delighted to put it back if it is still 'alive'. 
Please keep helping me with updates so I can make the information as current as possible.
I cannot do it without you.

Conductive Education Press books 20% off until 31 October

All titles published by Conductive Education Press have 20% off until 31 October. All you have to do is enter the code OCTOBER20 when asked if you have a promo code.
and make your choice from the seven books listed there. It is possible to look at the first dozen pages to get an idea of the contents of each title. Just click on the cover of a title and then on 'preview'.
Happy reading, and don't forget to let us know what you think. Feedback  is possible on the CEP bookstore on Blurb – click on a itle and then on  'comments' 

 or on CEP's page of Conduction's website.

Conductive Education Press would like to know what you think

Authors and booksellers worldwide find comments and reviews of their books extremely useful as indications of popularity of authors and possible sales. 

Conductive Education Press is no different. 

CEP publishes materials to make Conductive Education, its history, background and philosophy clearer and more accessible. So far CEP has published seven books the latest being the CEP Quotationary of András Pető and his Conductive Education and Never, never quit! by Ralph Strzałkowski.

CEP would appreciate  feedback from those who buy and read them.

Please do feel free to comment  on Blurb – all titles can be found at  

Just click on  view all, select a particular title and then click on 'Comment'

 e,g Select  CEP quotationary of András Pető and his Conductive Education, and you are taken to  

     Select 'comment' and write what you think.

You may also comment  on relevant  postings on
 Conductive Education Information  and Conductive World 


World Congress 8 in the news

Over the past week I have been keeping an eye on the media for any items about the 8th World Congress for Conductive Education.  I know a press conference was held on the first day.
I have been able to track down the following items, one from the US, and the rest from  Germany.
 If I have missed any, especially in German (as my German is not very good), please let me know.

Not as much as would have been hoped.

Book event at the World Congress

A number of publications will be announced at the 8th World Congress for Conductive Education in Munich at the book event on Friday.  These are in three languages – English, German, Spanish,  and come from England, Mexico and Germany.

It is wonderful to see so many additions to the Conductive Education literature from  all over the world.

The publications are:

CEP Quotationary of Andras Peto and his Conductive Education. Birmingham: Conductive Education Press  
£12 plus p & p

Strzałkowski, R. Never, never quit; My Conductive Education. Pieces of mind, memories and opinions from the desk of Ralph Strzałkowski, Esq. Lawyer on Wheels.Birmingham: Conductive Education Press.
£12 plus p & p

Both available from

McDowell, G. George's Travelogue. Nürnberg: CN Press
10 euros

Bugya, É. Conductive cookery book.  Nürnberg: CILA
10 euros

Both available from

Fermin, C., and others, Guia práctica de la Educación Conducida. (Practical guide on Conductive Education)  
Price not known

Available from

Elliott, A. Challenge me cards(in German) Originally published in English by Jessica Kingsley in 2009. 

Already launched in a separate event at the Congress:

Tatlow, A. Konduktive Förderung für Kinder und Jugendliche mit Zerebralparese

Originally published in English in 2005 by SAHK as  Conductive Education for children and adolescents with cerebral palsy .

I do not have more details for the last three.
If there are any others, please do let me know.


Another new book from Conductive Education Press

Never, never quitNever, never quit
My Conductive Education                                                                  
Pieces of mind, memories and opinions
From the desk of Ralph Strzałkowski, Esq.
Lawyer on Wheels
Birmingham: Conductive Education Press
 ISBN 978-0-9569948-6-8     £12.00


 I am very pleased to announce the publication of another book by Conductive Education Press.

Ralph Strzałkowski has cerebral palsy. He went to the Pető Institute as a child and is presenting a paper about his conductive childhood at the 8th World Congress this week.
Ralph is now living in the US and working as a lawyer. He became involved on the Conductive Education centre set up in Gainesville, Florida and this led to the start of his blog at

Never, never quit is a collection of  postings from this relating to his experiences and reminiscences of Conductive Education.

As the back of the book explains further:

Rafał (now Ralph) Strzałkowski was born in 1979, in Warsaw, Poland, with cerebral palsy, ten years before the fall of the Iron Curtain. From 1986 to 1990 he attended the Pető Institute in Budapest, Hungary, as a weekly boarder. After that it was back to school in Warsaw, then law degrees at Warsaw University, and the University of Florida. Today Ralph is an attorney admitted to law practice in Florida and in Washington DC.

He is also an activist. This year he inaugurated DAAF, the Florida Disability Access and Awareness Foundation.

This book is a collection of 53 postings from his blog Lawyer on Wheels, selected for the unique light that they throw upon Conductive Education as remembered from the experience of a child, reflections upon his adult life that bear the stamp of his particular upbringing, and some of his further Conductive Education experiences in the United States.

A view of Conductive Education from someone who has experienced it is very rare and Ralph's memories provide a very interesting account of what it is like to be a recipient, live with a disability and manage it.

This is available for £12 plus postage & packing  from

or by clicking on the book badge on the right hand side of this blog.

Also available is the recently published CEP Quotationary of András Petőand his Conductive Education.  as mentioned in my previous posting.

This collection of quotes from him, about him, and his work, helps us to a greater understanding of both the man and his system.

On Conductions' website www.e-conducion.orgquotes from the book appear, a different one each time you open the front page of the website.

Enjoy and do let us know what you think. Feedback is very welcome.