Month: September 2013

New book from Conductive Education Press

CEP Quotationary of András Pető   

CEP Quotationary of András Pető  and his
Conductive Education

Birmingham: Conductive Education Press. £12
ISBN 978-09569948-5-1


Yesterday the latest publication from Conductive Education Press was released on Blurb and can be found at

 This collection of quotes  reveals thoughts, experiences and various interactions with András Pető aimed at increasing knowledge of his work and about the man himself.
As stated on the back of the book:

András Pető left two inheritances.

One was the practice of conductive pedagogy, variously konduktív nevelés, Conductive Education, konduktive Förderung – an uncrystalised Chinese whisper that has since mutated down generations and across societies. Some such practices may have much in common with András Pető's and his associates', some very little – all are concrete activities, practised, or experienced, observed and analysed. They are what you see.
The other is the heritage of recollections of András Pető himself, what he did, how he was, and perhaps what drove him. Who was this Will-o'-the-Wisp, András Pető, what words of his echo down to us? How did people at the time understand that mystery in their midst? This second inheritance is far harder to find, to separate from myth and fantasy in what you hear and what you read.  
This quotationary's 307 quotations contribute some distilled essence, including 48 sayings or reported sayings from the man himself, plus vivid direct reports from friends and associates, and the observations of some of those who have tried to nail his fleeting shadow.
These quotations come from 40 named sources, and are referenced to 15 different texts.

Originals were in German, Hungarian and English, all are presented here in English translation. 

A preview may been seen by clicking on the book badge in the right hand column of this blog.
As always your comments on this book will be very welcome. 










Honorary conductors for 2013 announced

Since the first World Congress of Conductive Education in 1990, the names of those who have been made honorary conductors are announced and presented with an award during the Congress. This will happen at the  8th World Congress that is taking place in Munich, 9-12 October and the recipients have now been announced..

The criteria for this award  are:

The College Senate of the András Pető Institute of Conductive Education gives the Honorary Conductor Award. It was established in 1990 to recognise the work of non-conductors in the field, which is well known both in the homeland and internationally. Nominations are initiated by leading persons and are submitted to the International Pető Association (IPA) Executive Committee. Final nomination is submitted to the Senate of the András Pető Institute which is authorized to make a final decision about acceptance.

I was lucky enough to be made one in 2010 and went to Hong Kong to receive my award. It was a huge surprise and wonderful to be selected.

The recipients for 2013 have been announced and there are only two people this time.

Beate Höß-Zenker (Germany) and Norman Perrin (UK).

Very well deserved, congratulations to them both!

A list of past honorary conductors can be found at

Live seminar presentation from Paces, Sheffield

Today  a Special Educational Needs seminar is being broadcast live over the internet from Paces Sheffield.
 Speakers include :
Janine Wigmore/Amanda Goulding  of Calderdale Parents and Carers
Debs Aspland  who is a co-author of the blog Special Needs Jungle and a mum to three children with various Special Education Needs.
Sarah McKimm, a solicitor working with IPSEA (Independent Parental Special Education Advice), a national charity which advises parents of children with special educational needs and disabilities.
Two seminars are planned and the next one is 25 September.
The chance to 'be there' is  a new thing for me and just shows how accessible the Internet has made everything, offering opportunities  to 'participate' in events that it is not possible to physically go to.
Such a system would be a valuable resource in  Conductive Education, where it is difficult to bring people together, and enable better and more frequent communication. Maybe the World Congress organisers are considering it for next month!
No doubt costs and technology will be important factors in making this possible.

Some cheery news

A centre in the North West of England is hoping to expand if they can raise some more money.

Stick 'n' Step set up in 2002 and currently offers two free sessions a week to over 70 children from nine months to 18 years from the North West and Wales. Two of their 'graduates' are now at university despite their doctors' expectations.

In these difficult financial times it is good to know that a centre could expand and develop its services for even more children with just a bit of extra money. 

News source for Pető Institute

 Stories about the Pető Institute's financial situation  have been circulating in the Hungarian media for a couple of weeks now and I have managed  find a source that links to them all.
Hirkereső legnagyobb hir portál (Biggest news portal)  lists 134 items in newspapers and television right back to March 2013, with the latest being yesterday. Numbers 1-117 cover August and September 2013, so there are quite a lot to look at, but  a lot consist of  repeat information, rather than new 'facts'.
It provides  a very good way of tracking new reports and keeping up with the situation.
Translation facilities for non-Hungarian speakers can be found on the Internet.

More help with all that paperwork!


Its the start of the new academic year and I notice that Ben Foulger has brought out a new more comprehensive version of his Tracker system for record keeping.
 All those involved in such administration  will know how much time it takes and how complicated it can become if not organised efficiently. Most of us are not ‘into’ paperwork and anything that helps has to be a good thing.
His new options include pre consultancy questionnaires that can be filled in online, and the option for participants, relatives, and carers to have some access to their records.

It looks as though Ben has it covered and is still offering a free trial for 14 days. Have a look at

Changes in Conductors’ Workplaces

A few months ago the map of Conductor workplaces was launched, and I have been keeping it up to date as and when I hear of any new places, and changes in the addresses and services of places already on the map.
As summer is now over and people are gradually getting back into work mode, I wonder if some of those workplaces have changed their addresses, services, or even closed, so I would be grateful if you would send me any updates or new information.
This service will only be kept current and accurate with your help, so please do contact me with any information you may have.
Thank you.