Month: July 2013

Júlia Dévai's bibliography

Yesterday news of Júlia Dévai's hundredth birthday appeared on Andrew Sutton's blog at


Who is Júlia Dévai, you may ask. Well, she played a major role in the development of András Pető's Conductive Education from 1947-1952 and worked with him in his Institute. 

In recent years she has spoken and written about this period in her life and I first came across her when a paper that had been read at a conference in Israel, was donated to the National Library of Conductive Education in the late 1990s. When Andrew and I were preparing our recent publication András Pető, I contacted her to ask permission to include her paper in the book. She responded by offering to re-write it, including more detail, and that is what we published. In 2012 the Hungarian- language version of this was also published in a book, edited by her daughter, Sophia Kalman. 

Investigating further I realised she had produced other reminiscences too of the early days of conductive pedagogy, so here is a list of them all to celebrate her 100th birthday:

Devai, J. (1997) The first years with András Pető ; the birth of Conductive Education.
Unpublished paper read at Conductive Education conference, Tsad Kadima, Jerusalem, October 1997.

Dèvai, J. (1999) The first years with András Pető: the birth of Conductive Education. In  Forrai, J., ed., Memoirs of the beginnings of conductive pedagogy and András Pető.  Budapest and Birmingham: Új Aranyhíd and Foundation for Conductive Education, pp. 151-156.

Dèvai, J. (2005) Emlékeim. InBalogh, M. (ed.) Hári Mária (1923-2001).Budapest: Pető Institute,

Dévai, J. (2007) My memories. InBalogh, M. ed., Hári Mária and her Conductive Education.
 Budapest: Pető Institute, pp. 46-53. [English translation of Emlékim]

Dèvai, J. (2012) Personal memories from the days of the beginning of Conductive Education. In
 Maguire, G. and Sutton, A.  ed., András Pető. Birmingham: Conductive Education Press, pp.45-70.

Dèvai, J. (2012) Egyszer volt, s ma is van: a sokarcú Pető – a konduktív nevelés kezdetei. In Kálman, Z., ed., Negyedszázad a kommunikáció bűvöletében. Budapest: Bliss Alapitvány, pp.73-101.

New service available for Conductive Education

The latest posting on the conductiveIT blog announces a new service for those working in Conductive Education.
conductiveIT has now launched  ParticipantTracker, for those working in Conductive Education, and possibly other health professionals too.  Ben Foulger has produced some software which will make record keeping easier and available at the touch of a key on your computer. As a conductor who spent a lot of time recording participants' progress, he realised the potential for such a system, enabling less time to be spent on admin and more on practice. Greener too, as minimum of  paper  is necessary!
He is offering a free trial period at the moment so do go to
and find out more. The FAQ section will answer all your questions I am sure, but you can email Ben from this website  for further information if necessary.