Month: May 2013

Conductive Education pocket book

Today I was told about a new book about Conductive Education –

The Conductive Education pocket book.

This can be found at

Jessica Kate Noel  produced this in August 2012 for her Masters project in Advanced Architectural design at the University of Strathclyde. It is  based on her experiences as a conductive education assistant at the Lighthouse Summer School.

The introduction states  :

A simple reminder of  programmes and tasks as practiced at the Lighthouse Trust Summer School

Examples of lying, standing, sitting, and moving from ‘a to b’ are included with illustrations.

New book coming soon from Conductive Education Press

A few months ago the possibility of publishing a book of blog postings made by Ralph Strzalkowski about his time at the Pető Institute, and his life as a man with cerebral palsy was put to Ralph by Conductive Education Press, and he agreed. Since then we have extracted relevant postings and intend to publish at the time  of the forthcoming CE World Congress, in October, at which Ralph will be a key-note speaker.

Today Ralph has posted on his blog his thoughts about this at

This book may be an eye-opener, as a child’s  perspective of Conductive Education has not been published before. Parents, professionals and researchers have all reported their experiences, thoughts, and opinions, but the memories and experiences of the children have not featured in CE literature. A very different and interesting perspective.

Ralph shows himself to be determined, realistic, hard-working  and personifies Pető’s principle that ‘you should never give up’.
Further information about the book will follow soon. Watch this space.

Availability of papers on Conductive Education read at conferences

Today I read a posting  by Susie Mallett about a cerebral palsy conference in Bled.
She notes that there was a presentation made by a conductor, Gabriella Czifra, who also chaired the first plenary session, and asks where she can find out more information about the presentation.
These days conference proceedings are not always published as many presentations are made using Powerpoint and not written up as they would once have been, so only those present at the conference are aware of events or developments in the field. It made me wonder yet again, how often presentations and participation by conductors occur in conferences which go unnoticed or unreported.
 In the past I have asked people either to send me copies of their presentations so that I may include them in the Depository on Conduction’s website,
or let me know of any plans to publish elsewhere on the Internet or in hard copy.
Can I repeat that request again?  In particular, can I ask you, Gabriella, to send me your presentation so that it can be placed in the Depository and be available to a much wider audience?
 Surely it is so important for the future of Conductive Education  to write, publish and record developments?

No news is not good news

Since April 2009 I have been posting lists of Conductive Education news items on this blog. Gradually these have developed into lists of fundraising activities for services all over the world, rather than interesting feature articles, developments etc.
 Why this has happened, I don’t know.
Perhaps newspapers and magazines have turned to other things, the latest education theories, therapies for instance, and lost interest in CE. Perhaps those in CE aren’t so active in publicising their work or submitting articles to magazines.
 I do not know how much interest there has been in the brief items I have been listing,  as I have not had feedback for them.
Therefore, rather reluctantly, I have decided  to cease producing such lists and just blog separately any newsworthy story as it is published.  If anyone has a good interesting story or article published please do let me know (in case I am unaware of it), and then I will be happy to blog it.