Month: March 2013

My lists, CE Centres and Conductor Workplaces

I believe there has been some confusion and miscommunication about my lists of CE Centres and the new virtual map of Conductors’ Workplaces.
The links to the lists which appeared on the sidebar of this blog, have been deleted (although the original postings are still in place), and all information contained in them has been updated and is now available via the virtual map at
In future please do go the virtual map for information about where conductors are working and to find out if there is conductor-led practice in a particular country.
As always I will be grateful for new information about these workplaces because I will need your help to  keep the map up to date.

Conductive Education Press now a ‘proper’ publisher

Conductive Education Press has  now published five titles

and is now considered a ‘proper’ publisher as we discovered on receiving a letter from the Agency for Legal deposit Libraries (ALDL).

At ALDL’s request  I have posted off several copies of two of Conductive Education Press’ titles  to the Agency. Copies of the other titles will be sent too. The Legal Deposit Libraries Act 2003 and the Irish Copyright and Related Rights Act 2000 make it a legal obligation  for copies of new UK publications to be deposited with the Bodleian Library Oxford University, Cambridge University Library, National Library of Scotland, National Library of Wales and Trinity College Dublin and the Agency makes sure these obligations are met. This means  that Conductive Education Press is now a ‘proper’ publishing house and its books will now be a part of the above august national collections.
I had already been sending copies  of our publications to the British Library depository in Yorkshire,  mistakenly thinking that this was all we had to do.
Now we know the correct way is to send to ALL of the above and, naturally, will concur. How nice to know that Conductive Education Press’s books  will now be  part of the historical record of British publishing.

Are you being served?

On the front page of this blog is a note in the right hand column stating:


         Please contact me if you think that I can help in any way with
         information on books, articles, papers, news on Conductive
         Education. If I can’t help, I will know someone who can!
        Email me at
Over the past few years I have been happy to help with any information that I can and have responded to enquiries from parents, conductors, centre managers, and potential service users all over the world, sometimes at length and providing a variety of links, references etc.

This week I had a reponse thanking me for information I had sent.

I was really pleased, and then  realised that this was unusual because once my reply has gone out, sometimes with documents attached, I rarely receive any acknowledgment, or even thanks. If I have not helped in the way hoped for, I never know. If the information  has been useful, I still don’t know. This is leading me to wonder whether this service is not satisfactory and perhaps not worth continuing with, or not appreciated.

Constructive feedback would be very welcome and help me to respond appropriately the next time.

What else can I do?

More workplaces on the map

Over the past week I have been able to add six new workplaces to the Workplace map at

This has been possible as several people have sent me the details, which is wonderful.   Conductors sent me details about the schools in Australia and Sweden, Rony Schenker  details of the Apartment in Israel, and Andrew details for the workplaces in Russia and France.

Many thanks to you all.

Please keep them coming and also don’t forget to let me know when any close or no longer have a conductor, as  I can not keep this up to date without you.

If your workplace is not up there, tell me and send details!

Conference this Saturday 8 March in London

This weekend the annual conference of CEPEG will take place in London at Tottenham Hotspur Football Stadium from 9.30 – 4.30.

Details are a little sparse but can be found at

This is the 8th of such conferences.

On Friday evening there is a reception from 5-8pm at ‘our London centre’ which I assume is the London Centre for Children with Cerebral Palsy as further details are up on the centre’s website at

New journal news

On looking around the CEPEG website I noticed that the hoped for new journal of Conductive Education is not ready for publication,  but articles will be uploaded on to the website in the meantime.

Producing a journal is not easy, as I know after editing and producing  Recent Advances in Conductive Education for eight years from  December 2001 –  August 2009.