Month: January 2013

Where conductors work

For some time now I have been meaning to look at my lists and update them, but other things seemed to take priority. Now I am going to do it and have removed the out of date lists from the side of my blog.
I am working with Ben Foulger on a new way of presenting this information and would welcome your help in getting the facts right, so please let me know if you know:

of any places that have now closed,

any services no longer being provided by individual conductors,

new ventures,

changes of address,

new websites and URLs

As soon as the update is ready, I will let you know.

I would also welcome feedback on how useful this information is!

New IT service in Conductive Education

I have just heard today about a new website and service in Conductive Education.

This has been set up by Ben Foulger, a conductor with great experience of IT. He is available to help with all IT aspects of Conductive Education and has already received a contract to provide a website for one CE organisation.
I struggle with the technical aspects of communicating and imagine most of us do, so this development is most welcome. Now we have someone who knows about such things, someone  to  consult, help and provide. I am sure I will be using his services at some stage.
Do go and have a look at the website to see what Ben has already done and what he can offer.

Librarians are always happy to help

I have just made a comment on Conductive World. Yesterday I commented on a question about CE on Facebook

and Andrew has blogged his thoughts on this and my response.

This is what I have said:

It gave me a nice warm feeling to be able to use my knowledge of CE literature, and I hope it helped. I have always got satisfaction from bringing information and people together, as  a room full of information is not always easy to access without help.
It is not often that Librarians are rated at all or  acknowledgement given to their expertise, so thank you for this, Andrew.
I am always happy to help via my blog, Conductive Education Information at  if I can.

If anyone does think I can help, please ask, and then I will if I can. As well as my memory I do have a collection of resources here that I can consult,  and don’t forget the virtual catalogue available at

Conductors talking and sharing


I received an enquiry by email recently from Andrea Berecz-Prewitt, conductor-teacher in Cincinnati, OH and also an ACENA board member. ACENA:
ACENA offers an opportunity to the conductors in North America to network by joining to a conference call bi-monthly. Andrea is going to participate in a virtual meeting with other conductors to discuss the role of conductor-teachers this coming week. As she says, this may be vary considerably in different circumstances and different countries.
Such discussion must be fruitful for all concerned and I wondered if these particular conductors are aware of Conductor Connect.  Ben Foulger, a conductor has set up this group which  can be joined (by invitation) with the aim of discussing, sharing and helping each other with all things professional. Sounds like a useful tool for those willing to participate and share their experience and knowledge.

If anyone is interested in knowing more about it, please do contact Ben  at

Thoughts on András Pető book

When Andras Peto was published readers were asked to let us know what they thought of it, if they had enjoyed it and learnt from it.

One such review was sent to me this week by Rony Schenker. She has read it twice now, and felt the same as I did when I read the memories and descriptions included.

She says:

The accumulative impression that you get from reading the book with bated breath is one of the things that makes this book so special. It is as if you had the opportunity to watch Prof. Pető walking into a room where children were working, to hear him, to see him seating by his desk and writing, having a nice meal with friends, or talking eye to eye with his patients. So vivid the descriptions are. And then, what I know, what I saw with my own eyes, what I have learned through my own experience, informal learning and excessive readings and discussions with many and goods, and from my repeated visits to the Pető Institute (October 1987 was the first). And then, the fusion of all of this information, melting into a higher degree of coherence, or preferably, into a more coherent puzzle.

  She also comments on the useful references it includes:
Currently, these are very good references for those who want to know, for those who think they know, and for those who should know what Conductive Education is and who was Professor Pető.
Thank you very much for your appreciative comments, Rony.

Another interesting review has been written by Susie Mallett and can be found at
Have you read it? If so, please send me or Andrew your thoughts. If not, you can obtain a copy by clicking on the cover of the book on the right-hand side of this blog.